Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Klaus: National Press Club Address

The Czech president is a source of some fun in the Australian media. For example, he canceled one of the numerous interviews because he refused to go through a metal detector in the Oz Parliament. :-)

However, here's the 1-hour video of his National Press Club Address in Canberra:

There are many fun jokes in the talk. For example, America needed 150 years and had to organize a civil war to achieve a working currency union. ;-)

Klaus also prefers "direct action" over "carbon taxes" because direct action is more visible and cost-benefit analysis may be made more easily to see that the direct action is crazy.

At the end, they give two gifts to Klaus. One of them is a bottle of Australian wine.

The other one is more problematic which is why they hesitated. But there's no problem - I have already trained our president with the same gift (pen/s) so he couldn't have gotten upset. :-)

See Notes from Australia (by V. Klaus, autom. transl. from Czech), tourist reports by the president, so far 3 parts.

Two more radio interviews: with a female host, with a male host.

Green mob makes a coal mine owner quit

A tough story in the New American. Ronnie Bryant wanted to open a new mine in Alabama, to give work to 100+ new folks. Everything was allowed by official channels - including state environmentalists.

But he had to face - for reasons that are not quite clear to me - a green mob whose members screamed about "environmental justice" for hours and attributed random cases of cancer to random companies. At the end, he decided to quit. He's doing this thing to help the people and it has certain costs and expenses. When he sees the huge opposition and the large amount of bureaucracy and struggle with regulation that has to be overcome, the cost-and-benefit analysis says pretty clearly, "just give it up".

I understand where he's coming from very well. It's frustrating. But this is how parts of our world began to look like. Brainwashed aggressive, ideologically-driven mobs are gradually superseding the right channels how things should be decided.


  1. The Czech president is a source of some fun

    I told you so...

    and is strange
    because your rude preasidenti is like the average
    crocodile dundee...

    And in The Mat Olimpics
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    of course
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    only elementar math....

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