Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Mark Lynas: how far the new wisdom of ex-green fanatics may go?

I have also been pleased by climate activist Mark Lynas' article in the Daily Mail:
You mustn't believe the lies of the Green zealots. And I should know - I was one
Well, I surely agree with both points in the title - you mustn't believe the lies of the Green zealots; and Mark Lynas should know because he was one of them.

However, I am not sure about another statement that can be found in between the lines of the title, namely that Mark Lynas is no longer a green zealot. ;-)

In the article, Lynas says that Greenpeace and the Children of the Earth, among others, often propose irrational solutions and fight against real solutions to the very problems they are verbally worried about. Nuclear energy is Lynas' main point. He celebrates the U.K. Energy Secretary Chris Huhne's recision to revive the nuclear renaissance in Great Britain. And no doubt, everything he writes is true. He also began to like GM foods.

However, Lynas still makes it very clear that he thinks that the world should fight against the CO2 emissions.

Now, I've been watching Lynas a little bit for quite some time and he has said many reasonable things in recent years. In February 2010, he understood that Kyoto-like policies were dead. And a few weeks ago, he was the main green brain (not to be confused with Greene Brian) who made the "ClimateGate II" (Greenpeace was writing the IPCC WG3 report) an explosive issue.

However, I am afraid that the CO2-hating dogmas may turn out to be too powerful for Mark Lynas to be able to transcend them.

It would be inappropriate to compare Mark Lynas to Alexander Ač because the latter is a genuine and largely irreversible nutcase (greetings, AA!). However, one may still learn some lessons here.

A year ago or so, Alexander Ač began to work for the Czech Globe, a pseudoscientific agency paid EUR 25 million from the European Union to spread climate alarmism in the skeptical Czech Republic. So far, Czech Globe - which is led by a forester - hasn't done anything effective to please its breadwinners (and the traffic to czechglobe.cz is indistinguishable from zero). However, the Czech Globe setup has already led to some negative results.

Alexander Ač has understood that organizations such as Czech Globe are corrupt hubs where no one does any real work and where lots of money is just being wasted. He has understood that the green people, and especially the powerful ones, are unethical jerks - while he is "just an idealist".

However, those insights haven't directly translated to an improving knowledge about the climate - and about the stability of the world etc. Alexander Ač still believes that the climate, the world economy, the mankind, and everything else will collapse and die tomorrow or on the day after tomorrow. He is as obsessed with collecting and "improving" catastrophic fairy-tales from the smelliest dumping grounds of the intellectual landscape as he has ever been.

As I have mentioned, Alexander Ač is probably medically insane so it is not quite accurate to compare him with Mark Lynas who is able to see lots of things and say lots of sensible statements. However, even in Lynas' case, I am afraid that he has worked on the climate hoax for too many years so that he may turn out to be incapable of figuring out that this whole stuff about a harmful CO2 is just another nonsensical propaganda.

So my sober opinion is that Mark Lynas has gone through some clashes with more radical greens and they may have treated him in a similar way as they treat climate soothers and other inconvenient groups (if not worse: apostates may get a harsher treatment than deniers). So this experience may have modified his opinions about the sociology.

However, despite some assorted rational proclamations that Mark Lynas will be saying about nuclear energy or GM crops, he is still a green activist and I am afraid that he will remain one. So don't expect his future book, The God Species that will come out in November 2011, to be about anything else than Saving the Planet in the Age of Humans. After all, this megalomaniac sequence of words that can identify every green zealot is the subtitle of his new book. :-)

So don't believe the lies of the green zealots, not even those who have clashed with other green zealots. Mark Lynas may have been born in the correct year - like your humble correspondent; and he may even use the correct letters in his initials. However, his initials are upside down. The right order is LM, not ML. :-)

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