Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norwegian tragedy

The Norwegian attacks in which over 90+ people were killed had nothing to do with the Muslims. Of course, both attacks on the Labor Party prime minister (who survived) and his soulmates were done by the same guy: it was unthinkable that it would have been a coincidence.

Anders Behring Breivik (32 years, 183 cm, as pure Nordic race as you can get) who lived with his mother and whose only violation of law was related to the traffic (10 years ago) may be classified as a genuine conservative Christian terrorist - something we haven't been used to for quite some time.

He bought tons of fertilizers "for his farm" in May - he founded the farm a month ago, selling vegetables under his own "Breivik Geofarm" brand -, he probably created the explosives out of it (doable but not quite trivial), made them explode (7 dead) near the PM's building, and then continued to the socialist youth camp where he shot 80+ people (and where the PM was scheduled to arrive today). Horrible, bloody scenes. People pretending they were dead to save their lives, and so on.

I often complain that the mass killers and terrorists and nasty people are almost always my ideological foes and no one does anything effective against them. Well, in this case, I must be fair and say that this guy was probably the ideologically closest one to me among all the mass and crazy killers in recent years. It's my guess that many TRF readers will make the same confession.
See his numerous comments left at and translated to English to have an idea about his opinions. More importantly, see his intimidating 1500-page manifesto (PDF).
While I am not a Christian in any operational sense - Christianity and the "100,000 times higher a value of the believers over the infidels" (John Mill's quote - the only message on Breivik's Twitter) was arguably the most important point behind his mad acts - he may be classified as a conservative intellectual of a sort (at least if you take the fact that he was a farmer into account). He likes Kafka's "The Trial", George Orwell's "1984", Winston Churchill, Max Manus - an anti-Nazi Norwegian war hero, and many other high brow things. He participated in debates about the dangers of Islamization and is a huge fan of Geert Wilders. To make it even more impressive, he is a lover of classical music.

As a legal hunter, he owned various types of arms, pistol (Glock). He would play World of Warcraft on the Internet - never tried it but I know people who do play it.

Crazily enough, he will only be arrested for 21 years. A 53-year-old Gentleman will be released, perhaps with totally ready plans to kill millions of people or more. Well, I am not sure whether it's a good idea.

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  1. The terrorist was not a "Christian fundamentalist," although I would not be surprised if he were any other type of "fundamentalist". He was a Freemason. See this picture of "Breivik wearing the traditional Masonic apron of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons". To read more about Freemasonry, which is centainly one of the world's most satanic, common, yet little-known religions, see Msgr. George F. Dillon's free Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked.