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Václav Klaus: 20 interviews in Australia

Czech President Václav Klaus has arrived to Australia. The Czech embassy was contacted by a whopping number of 20 outlets - newspapers, TV shows (Andrew Bolt: Klaus will be on TV on Sunday), shock jocks (Klaus will probably visit Alan Jones as well) etc.


So the Czech ambassador had more work and saw more Australian interest in the Czech Republic than during the previous years combined. ;-)

Here is an interview for ABC Perth: click for a 12-minute audio. The host is trying to convince Klaus that there are rational scientists on the alarmist side and Klaus de facto argues that it is probably not the case. In the second half, Klaus explains the difference between the EU and the eurozone (the host apparently thinks that we're members of it) and the fundamental errors in their foundations that he's been pointing out for decades.

Václav Klaus arrives to Australia: an interview
Text below was posted on July 20th

Right now, Czech President Václav Klaus is on his 20-hour flight to Australia where he will be speaking about the threat of climate alarmism in 6 cities.

The tickets are unfortunately very expensive, something like $180: all expenses including commercial flight tickets (only for Klaus: his wife stayed at home) are paid for by the organizers of the talks. The trip is the closest thing to a vacation that Klaus has this summer.

Nevertheless, people around Perth should look at the schedule below because Klaus delivers his speech there on Friday, July 22nd. You may tell your rich friends to attend the event.

Meanwhile, Klaus gave an interview for the Australian. He talked about the tight link between GDP and CO2 emissions, similarities between alarmism and communism, and plans of some alarmists to dismantle democracy, among other things.

Václav Klaus will visit Australia
Original article posted on July 10th

On July 20th, renowned climate skeptic and Czech President Prof Václav Klaus will leave for his two-week Australian tour.

Klaus during his recent meeting (video) with a fellow tennis player, Wimbledon Champion Ms Petra Kvitová. When Kvitová was 6, Klaus met her in her town of Fulnek and wished her to go far in life. ;-) Incidentally, Klaus was just unanimously elected the President of the Štvanice tennis club in Prague, the oldest TC in Czechia.

You may register for the events here. Don't forget to bring your 6-year-old kids and grandkids to the events. :-) That page also contains many more details surrounding his lectures on the global warming hysteria.

The rough schedule - dates and cities - looks like this:

  • Perth: July 22nd
  • Sydney: July 25th
  • Canberra: July 26th
  • Melbourne: July 28th
  • Brisbane: August 1st
  • Coolum Beach: similar date: this talk is about monetary policy, however

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reader Robin said...

Lubos, I guess I don't need to tell you; your president is a great man. I wish more leaders were like him! I hope he has a good time in Aussie, and that he helps bring some carbon sanity to that country. Robin (New Zealand)

reader Anonymous said...

Why do comment posts keep jumping to this page & wiping out thd endeared comment ?


reader Anonymous said...

Response of tropical Pacific circulation and variability....HYDROLOGICAL IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON INFLOWS TO PERTH, AUSTRALIA...lowering the water table since 1905

In Perth is winter time

your "president" is a man of low tact
and in diplomatic jargon
a loose gun

a good economist or whatever i s'pose

in geophysics ....nill nill nill

reader Anonymous said...


La grande sécheresse
Australia a film par
Marie Beuzard and Plisson

Perth in the north and New South wales in the south...
2005 is the last year with October heavy rains
with long droughts,
green droughts (if you can cope with the concept (is a farmer concept and you are not a farmer..)
far from....
lower income of farmers
due to warm winds 2001-2010 and a humongous dust bowl

a midget dust bowl (in Phoenix dust bowl the dust was a nearly a mile high )
1995-2010 decreasing population
in farmer lands December 2010 is above 40º ... approximately 1% of Australia's potable supply is in the south
in the north (17%)Perth's potable supply ( 45GL) ... the salt content is rising

and rising fast
data from Bogan Gate Golf Club
and others

salt burn the grass you seee..

no ?

you have stores for sale at $ 30 to 40,000 ozzie dollars

and 2,000 acre farms for 200,000

100 dollars/ dusty acre

with water...more than 500
five hundred

5617Ha or 13880 Ac Freehold
6 000 000 AUD Warren Shire Rates 6,876 annually. Coonamble Rural Lands Protection Board Rates 2,095 annually

for the 180 dollars fee to se Vlaclav (not Havel but the rough ridder bloc Klaus)
i bought a acre and demi of marshland or 4 acres of desert

or a small TV

reader Anonymous said...

In 2006 the drought in South Wales kill ten's of millions of lambs (and sheep)

bigger than the december kill's of:




since 1950 to 2005 no summer kills
in large scale

your president going to be a matter of laughter....

no i remember now, is already...yep

Laughter in the Dark

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