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ZX Spectrum: Higgs boson at the LHC

Mark Zuckerberg introduced a video chat in Facebook, being convinced that people want to video chat.

Instead, the hottest sector of the software industry as of 2011 are video games for an almost new computer model called Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Zuckerberg wasn't born yet when ZX Spectrum was already beaten by competitors. And we are not talking just about ordinary video games. I mean video games that are a whopping 1043 bytes long. ;-)

Here it is:

Higgs Boson in the LHC
The instructions explain that you are a Higgs boson who has successfully escaped from detection by the wimps in the Fermilab. Now you face a bigger obstacle, the pushy folks at the LHC.

So you are a Higgs boson in the middle of the screen (that's how Dean Hickingbottom who created the game thinks about your location before you're discovered) and you are being bombed by protons from each side. You may shoot the protons to the left or you may shoot them to the right. If you hit them, the protons disappear. The luminosity is gradually increasing.

The TAP file may be opened by ZX Spectrum emulators, e.g. ZX32 for Windows. I don't actually expect you to play it :-) but if you will, more than 1:40 of survival is very good.

If you feel some nostalgia about the old computers, there are lots of emulators of ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 - including some of them for iPhones (at least BASIC for C64).

You may even buy a PC with this totally cool and modern design. ;-) It's called Commodore 64: see CommodoreUSA.NET. Yes, it's compatible both with PCs (probably only Ubuntu Linux is preloaded) and the old Commodore 64.

I hope that the other faithful eyewitnesses (I received my first C64 in 1985 or so) will forgive them that the "run stop" key on the left side from "caps lock" is missing. At least, the Windows key is still called Commodore key! :-) Because the emulators don't quite restore the keyboard experience, I have slightly forgotten what the Commodore key was actually doing.

This seems like a company trying to sell a thousand of copies but because it has appeared on TRF, they may be forced to add a few zeros. Just kidding. ;-)

Melvin Machine

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo.

This device, Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine (MMMMM), is an extension of my old paper Melvin Matrix Models (MMM) and it is one of the most generic ways to send a Twitter message with some pictures in the landscape of possibilities how to send a Twitter message. Via "Finetuned", a blog post elsewhere.

Off-topic: Ruth Wisse on the kill-the-Jews flotilla

Ruth Wisse, my ex-colleague at Harvard, nicely argues that clarity is important and the Gaza flotilla should be called "kill the Jews flotilla". I am sure everyone will agree with this terminology! ;-) She also says all important things about anti-Semitism, the special role and situation of Jews, the outward hostile perspective of the Arab world that prevents them from developing their human resources, about her field, and about the closed institution researching anti-Semitism at Yale.

Greece must be praised for attempting to step the flotilla. Just to make you sure I can praise Greece, too! :-)

Wisse is a professor of Yiddish literature. I am too modest to hide that the most beloved piece of the Yiddish literature is Motl, Cantor's Son. A young kid Motl loses his father, a cantor, and ultimately decides to move to the U.S. In America, he becomes a String King. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Motl in the movie format of the novel.

It's funny that those people who had invented "The String Kings" didn't even know that in the mid 1990s, I was using the nickname Lumo King Superstring. :-)

Miloš Zeman on Islam

Dr Miloš Zeman who revived the Czechoslovak social democracy in the early 1990s, became the top political opponent of Prof Václav Klaus, and later a prime minister as well, is a top candidate to replace Klaus as the president in 2013.

He has changed his topics. In recent weeks, he has repeatedly stressed that NATO is failing to name its main enemy - and the main enemy is Islam. The Islamic world is an anti-civilization, he argues. Instead of admitting crazy countries such as Georgia, NATO should admit Israel as a member.

The Islamic relationship to women is a major sign of its being a force of anti-civilization. Even though a sensible person must agree with them that a woman doesn't belong behind the steering wheel of a car :-), Zeman says, we can't agree with anything else they're doing with respect to women. These words by Zeman were mainly addressed to some excessively active women who are Islam apologists and who have sued Zeman for his recent proclamations. ;-)

"Islam is an anti-civilization spreading from North Africa through Indonesia. Two billion people live there and this structure is partly funded by selling oil, partly by selling drugs," he stated at a recent conference in Prague. "Much like with the communists, there is no divide between the radicals and the moderates in Islam."

Despite the tons of Becher's lemonade that this fellow pensioner has drunk, this guy still has balls - and he's right. :-)

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The Islamic world is an anti-civilization, he argues. Instead of admitting crazy countries such as Georgia,controls the azerbaijan (or azeri) oil fieds

NATO should admit Israel as a a small country with nuclear weapons and a short fuse...

don't mistake the word jews
with israeli's disraelis

the jewish "people" have askenazis and sephardites,"blond" jews
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and marranos und catholic-jews
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and some jews dont see the fatherland in the Israelite state

the Diaspora concept....rules

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shlomo....und niggers

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marranos rule...and don't burn

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