Friday, August 26, 2011

Al Gore: donate your online accounts to my spam network

Al Gore has invented the Internet - well, at least the part of the Internet that plans to spam the rest of the Internet by the information about an exploding Earth on September 14th, 2011 during his virtual reality day:
Gore asks supporters to donate Twitter & Facebook accounts to climate campaign (Big Think)
Nigeria's CO2 emissions are negligible but the country is already tremendously suffering from the millions of degrees of warming caused by the American incandescent light bulbs. So all the people who agree that the climate is in danger should think twice before they delete their next e-mail they will surely receive from Nigeria.

Chances are that the holy prophet, Al Gore, is behind them. He needs you! If you want to fight against the deniers of the climate change and the contrarians, you should send all your money to the banking accounts listed in these e-mails. After you empty your banking account, you should send your username and password to Al Gore, log out, and pray that the Earth shall be saved.

This ingenious version of a good virus, an Earthsaver (not to be confused with a screensaver) known as the "do it yourself virus", was programmed by Al Gore, too. The code uses the most modern Al Gore rhythms.

I hope that all the intelligent and good folks who believe in the catastrophic man-made global warming are already eager to save the Earth. What can you do? Here is the holy prophet, explaining how to donate your Twitter and Facebook accounts:
Donate your social networks to Al Gore's robots
Apologies that I didn't tell you not to click at the link above. If you have clicked, your sensitive data may have already been compromised because the website above belongs to Al Gore.

The informal logo of Al Gore's "24 hours of reality". The interior of the Earth is extremely hot, several million degrees, and the logo shows why.

If my warning is already too late and if you click at "How does it work?", it explains the mechanism which is approximately the following:
Starting a day before the event (Sept 13 Central Time) you grant us permission to post on your behalf and buy carbon allowances on your behalf. We will only post content relevant to 24 Hours of Reality and climate change, and we won't post more than a few times a minute (at most 3,000 tweets and FB updates per day). Analogously, we will only transfer your money to organizations that fight against climate change. You'll still be able to tweet and use Facebook normally, as long as you correctly guess the new password we choose for the no-longer-your accounts, and you can hopelessly try to revoke our access anytime through your Facebook and Twitter settings. After September 15 (CT), as soon as police will start to hunt us, we will stop posting any content on your Facebook or Twitter feed and you can revoke our access to your emptied banking account.
Moreover, your Twitter and Facebook accounts may be used to send messages to all the users who follow you - pretending it is you - so that their social networks may also be hacked and their banking accounts may be emptied, too. If you use some special vocabulary before you have sex with your beloved ones, you should send these intimate codes to Al Gore by e-mail so that your beloved ones won't be confused before they're scr*wed on September 14th.

So go ahead, Alexander Ač etc.! Save the Earth: it's such a smart thing to do. :-)

The threat is, of course, Manbearpig. Why won't anybody listen to me? Because I haven't hacked the Twitter and Facebook accounts yet(i)! I tried to warn everybody but nobody takes me cereal. Even though the very existence of our civilization is threatened, people have no idea. (Sorry, it's hard to tell which of these two (self-)parodies is more hilarious.)

I wonder whether it's really impossible in the U.S. to get Al Gore in the prison given this evidence that he is building a spam network that will steal the identity of thousands of vulnerable, psychologically ill people (the "supporters") to mislead millions of their contacts.

At 8 pm, Prague Summer Time tonight, Al Gore was live on this TV, one of the most famous channels of an Alex Bogusky's Fearless Cottage (watched by 3-4 squirrels every year). Al Gore has been proud to appear in front of the squirrels, see

An older article about Al Gore's online colleagues in the online identity theft business (or himself?): How they stole $2800 from my account

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