Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ex-alarmist Pawlenty ends presidential campaign

In the morning, I suffered from one of my bad habits - visiting the blog of Capitalist Imperialist Pig, something that I have done many times since the first moments when the anonymous far left alarmist anti-string New Mexico professor began to attack your humble correspondent on a regular basis.

Then I clicked at a random link on that blog and it led me here:
Kevin Drum: Pawlenty in Trouble
The only purpose of this left-wing blogger was to argue - without arguments - that Pawlenty is not in trouble and that his distant third place (after Bachmann and Paul) among the U.S. presidential candidates wasn't bad.

He wrote, among other things:
Wait a second. Everyone expected Bachmann to win, and likewise, everyone knows that Ron Paul has a demonstrated (and meaningless) ability to round up his tiny band of fanatical troops for events like this. So third place isn't too bad for Pawlenty, is it? Or was the "Pawlenty in trouble" media narrative already so set in stone that it didn't matter how well he did?
I was thinking: holy cow. What kind of people may read garbage blogs such as this one ("Mother Jones"). There is absolutely no merit or logic in his text. The only purpose is to spin, distort, misinterpret, or downright deny the reality.

Of course that his bad showing in Iowa was an extremely bad sign that indicated that he was not viable - and only crazy people could deny that it was a problem for Pawlenty. He got a lukewarm support from 14% of the voters which is one-half of a tiny band - because Ron Paul received 28% and this figure is equal to "one tiny band", if we use Drum's silly units. Paul's gain is not only twice as big as Pawlenty's gain; but his supporters are more enthusiastic, as Drum admits as well.

Moreover, Pawlenty was the kind of a candidate that was expected to have a strong beginning - he was a potential McCain running mate in 2008 - and a declining trend. So if he has comparably bad poll numbers already now, it's a reason to give up.

Of course, I only needed to wait for several hours and Pawlenty ended his campaign, kind of showing that Drum has really no clue about the U.S. (or any other) politics. It's just shocking that babbling of people like Drum has ever been taken as a serious political punditry.

Drum tries to mask his preferences but he highlights his propaganda and logically indefensible spin, distortions, and misinterpretations. My principles are the opposite ones: I always try to acknowledge all my preferences that are relevant, and avoid misinterpretations of any facts, whether they're pleasant or unpleasant to me.

So let me also admit that I view his surrender as good news. This guy is clearly no conservative. But that wouldn't be the ultimate problem. But he has really been crazy in the environmentalist policymaking. The green people often disagree whether they should introduce a "cap" or a "tax". Pawlenty introduced both of them - "cap and tax"! :-)

The video above is quite revealing. With those naive beliefs, he could join Greenpeace if he wanted. It's not just the bad policymaking he has been associated with; what's also annoying is his worshiping of the scientific hired guns. I mean all those amazing hypernatural superscientists in the Academy who believe in the judgement day. Those who really drove this movement are not scientists, at least not good ones, OK?

His flip-flops have been spectacular, too. Has he learned from the mistakes? I am not sure. It's more likely that he is an opportunist who recently realized that global warming is no longer the winning card. But I think that the U.S. may still find many politicians who have never jumped on the fanatical anti-carbon bandwagon. The people discredited by the global warming hoax should be gradually phased out of the U.S. politics and the politics of other countries in the world, too. Their mistake has been way too grave for them to stay.

In this particular case, Pawlenty's political capital is likely and hopefully going to be recycled by George Bush III - Rick Perry just joined the G.O.P. presidential campaign. ;-)

Global warming saves dozens of lives in D.C.

Despite its name, global warming hasn't managed to "warm the globe" at least for 10 years. But it has achieved many other things. No U.S. vice-president who considers himself an expert in climatology has any doubts that the recent heat wave in much of the U.S. was caused by global warming. But what does the heat wave do to human lives?

It has actually saved dozens of lives.
D.C.'s murder rate plummets as temperatures soar
The murders in Washington D.C. by July dropped from 32 to 18 - by a whopping 44 percent. In a similar way, the number of robberies, sex abuses, and assaults with guns dropped by dozens of percent, too. Even in mid August, the drop of the murder rate dropped 43 percent.

In July, it was appreciated that the improvement of the security situation in the U.S. capital was caused by global warming:
As temperatures climbed relentlessly this summer, homicides in the District fell just as dramatically, something a leading expert says may not be a coincidence.
However, the mayor has figured out a method how to harvest the fruits that were produced by global warming. In the newer article, "Mayor Vincent Gray is crediting the city's summer crime-fighting initiative." ;-)

Well, people know how to deal with global warming. When it causes something good, they say that it's their own achievement. When they do something wrong, they say that it's the fault of global warming. Clever! You may see that global warming plays the same role as Jesus Christ, adopting all sins of the mankind and bringing everyone the benefits people want to come true! :-)


  1. Very nice results for Ron Paul. But I am affraid the others won't let Ron Paul to be president. He want to cancel the FED, stop foreign wars, cut taxes, ballance the budget. That makes too many enemies for him. For me he would be the n.1 choise.

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    Kamil has left a new comment on the post "Ex-alarmist Pawlenty ends presidential campaign":

    Very nice results for Ron Paul. But I am affraid the others won't let Ron Paul to be president. He want to cancel the FED, stop foreign wars, cut taxes, ballance the budget. That makes too many enemies for him. For me he would be the n.1 choise.

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