Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Australia: convoy of no confidence

The people of Australia had been annoyed by the pissing contests between Melbourne and Sydney - both of which had the potential to become the capital of the continent - so they built Canberra as a compromise.

Meanwhile, a completely new political species has evolved in Canberra - and many other nations know a similar species. This new species is always convinced that it may extract another percent and another percent of the people's wealth from their wallets and no one will be hurt - because the new species won't be hurt due to its detachment from the reality and the real economy.

In fact, the more money is stolen from the people's wallets, the better off the new species - e.g. Miss Potato - is.

Those AUD 23 per ton of carbon dioxide isn't lethal but it is an experiment testing how easy it is to screw the Australian citizens. If an extra AUD 23 fee for a ton of hot air may be adopted, maybe even more ambitious taxes may be added and increased in the future as well.

However, some citizens of Australia have decided that the answer has to be No. People have to show that they're already fed up with this initial tax - as a matter of principle - and they will bring their trucks to Canberra and, possibly, bring the traffic in the capital they helped to build to a halt.

Today, trucks began to move and all roads lead to Canberra. The "Vote of No Confidence Convoy" should gather there on Monday, August 22nd. They will also demand early elections - which would probably mean the end of Gillard's political career.

Google News, via Jo Nova, CBullitt ;-)

One of the newest anthems of the convoy. See also an emotional 9-minute explanation of the convoy (plus bonus 2 minutes) by the productive sector of the Australian economy: this woman seems really persuasive.

So the Australians are already fed up with Gillard. Meanwhile, the Americans are already fed up with Mother Nature and the Environment.

Video via Joanne Nova

Evergreen Solar goes bankrupt

Some examples how the governments are wasting tons of money are scary and black-and-white. In January 2011, I wrote about Evergreen Solar that was paid something like $50 million in subsidies from the Obama government.

Despite the amazing hype about green jobs, it had to move all of its activities to China. Now, in July 2011, the evolution has culminated: Evergreen Solar declared bankruptcy (Wizbang). Of course, the taxpayers won't see their money again - some green crooks have built houses and bought cars out of them.

Similar failure has just been reported with "green jobs" in Seattle (PI). Tucson's Solon will close its solar activities, too. Venture capitalists are leaving green energy, too.

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