Friday, August 26, 2011

Charles Monnett returned to work, stripped of political power

The Associated Press and others inform that polar bear researcher Charles Monnett has been allowed to work but he won't be able to influence contracts anymore.

The restriction was imposed because a week ago or so, see NYT's GreenWire, the Interior Department's Office of Inspector General has demonstrated that Monnett has flagrantly violated some laws about the conflict of interests: he was helping another researcher to write down the proposal XY even though Monnett himself was the U.S. government official responsible for reviewing the very same proposal XY.

Just try to appreciate how sick it is (even if you imagine that there was no service paid in exchange for this extra help - which is hard to imagine, indeed). Of course, there's a lot of other stuff that is marginally criminal - starting from his pseudoscientific papers about 3 x 11 bears drowned by global warming and ending up with strange bedfellow reviewers of his own papers - but he was able to survive all of it.

I am not too surprised. In fact, I was surprised that any investigation could have begun against him - and I am surprised that he was partly punished for something at all. This is a hint that the AGW-related crooks are no longer untouchable holy cows.

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