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John Cook will receive lots of money for climate propaganda

John Cook, a prolific hardcore crackpot and one of the numerous tiny Internet-based stalking appendices of your humble correspondent will share AUD $240,000 for his climate propaganda:

Eureka moment for leading climate change communicator
This guy has no clue about the climate science or atmospheric physics but he has gained some notoriety for his mass production of talking points meant to spread the climate panic and produce doubts about well-established scientific insights that show that there is no reason to be worried about climate change.

His newest list of the talking points claims that 166 independent quantities describing the climate have the uniformly right sign that suggest that the catastrophe is coming and worse than previously thought. The probability that 166 independent signs agree is 1/2^165 but Cook still claims that this coincidence does hold in the real world. ;-)

Everyone who fails to see that Cook is full of **it must be a complete idiot.

Well, his apparent bigotry is no longer based on any idealism. The article I mentioned reveals that despite his complete incompetence when it comes to science, he is actually being paid by the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland - an obvious counterpart of the Czech Globe which pays unhinged Slovak alarmist Alexander Ač - for producing the lies and obfuscations he is producing every day.

The article also "boasts" that he was recently hired by alarmist U.S. politicians (not scientists, politicians) to optimize their shameful climate fearmongering. To make things worse, he is a contender to win the Australian Museum Eureka Prize which includes $240,000 for the winners. These folks would deserve a few years in prison just for the contamination of Archimedes' famous trademark.

Now, it is the very same guys who have the chutzpah to suggest that the climate skeptics are being paid by the Big Oil. Their dishonesty and arrogance is just breathtaking especially because oil companies haven't paid a penny to any climate skeptics for many years and even their previous support was totally negligible - and largely color-blind, when it comes to the conclusions - relatively to what the climate fearmongering crooks are getting from the funding agencies controlled by corrupt politicians and from the business interests that are building special relationships with these corrupt politicians.

Pretty much every person who publicly encourages the climate panic these days is a corrupt immoral jerk: all of them are small imitators of the would-be first carbon billionaire, Al Gore himself. Joe Romm, John Cook, Alexander Ač, and so on. Pick you favorite alarmist name and you will see that he is paid lots of money for spreading the alarmist lies.

20 years ago, I was kind of happy that our revolution in Czechoslovakia was a velvet one but I don't think we should do it again. So I started to maintain a list with names of the most notorious alarmists and the number of years they should spend in prison (not to speak about the separate "electric chair" list). You're encouraged to do the same thing.

Thanks to Simon

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snail feedback (2) :

reader Jack Savage said...

Hear ,hear, Lubos.
This needs to be said. Loudly and often!

reader David said...

I said weeks ago there was no way such a slick operation could be done in anyone's spare time, and ought to need a team to keep it running 24-7. Thank goodness he's been busted, his followers won't care but proves the corruption behind this movement and his total dishonesty when he told me he was doing it for his children. Yes, for their school fees, what a total sellout wanker that guy truly is.

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