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A lecture on the acceptability of Al G*re

Here is a nice lecture about the most advanced questions of contemporary climatology that a famous speaker gave in Colorado last Thursday.

If you want to hear 24 minutes of similar stuff, check the 2nd audio on this page. He discusses the best and most economical ways to spread propaganda - "shared consciousness" and "shared reality" - from the era of Gutenberg to Al-Jazeerah and online services. One of his plans is to import the Arab Spring to America and ignite the American Spring, and he may start this revolution on Facebook and Google Maps. ;-) Particle physicists will be interested in his discussion of the Standard Model (some economics) near 7:00. ;-) As an expert neuroscientist, he then discusses which parts of the brain is most susceptible to the commercials. Then he analyzes whether Saddam Hussein piloted the airplanes hitting WTC on 9/11. He compares the degree of "shared reality" and "tribalism" in different types of the media and decides that the truth is bought for the money - he surely lived according to this recipe. In the last 130 seconds, he talks about the tobacco misinformation campaigns, praises Naomi Oreskes, and the obscene segment about the climate skeptics above follows at the end.

The most hardcore listeners may found 90 minutes of the Al Gore talk here.

Al G*re analyzes whether he is still acceptable in polite company and the outcome is not excessively encouraging. As you can hear, he offers his thoughts to his allied audience in a very calm, rational way, and he literally floods the listeners with new data, crisp and coherent theories, and his brilliant and impartial reasoning in general.

For example, as Honza has pointed out ;-), the paid pseudoscientists have tried to link a recent heat wave in much of the U.S. to a massive star at the center of the Solar System.

Al G*re's counterargument is simple, powerful, and universal: Bullshit! Wow, Al G*re's explanation makes so much sense. Why couldn't have I thought about it myself?

But when the Great Teacher tells us so, it simply eliminates all the doubts and confusion. After all, the star can't be the cause of the warmth because its temperature is just a few thousand degrees. You need something warmer, like the Earth, that is extre-hehe-mely hot, several million degrees.

Also, the changes of the CO2 and CH4 concentrations in the glaciation cycles are really the cause of the warming and cooling. The greenhouse gases are so powerful causes that they make cause the changes of the temperature even retroactively, 800 years in the past!

An even broader point of his speech was that particular names on a list he can get through - such as the occasionally militant non-smoker Luboš Motl - are the very same people who were paid by the tobacco industry in the 1950s to hide the harmful effects of smoking. ;-) Every other denier is a Philip Morris hired gun, too - which proves that the solar activity can't affect the climate. QED.

I tried to insert a cigarette into my mouth when I was 5. I coughed, it was horrible, and it was the last time, too. Well, as a kid, I've been a second-hand smoker because of my mother and I disliked it a lot.

The only inaccuracy in G*re's analysis is that he is too nice to the deniers. In fact, there are not just 10 memes that the deniers repeat all over again. The most recent number, as counted by the Super Prof John Cook, a former candidate to become a student of physics, is 166 memes (TRF): the contrarians are 16.6 times worse than Al G*re wanted to admit.

We have so much to learn from this brilliant, modest (nearly ascetic), and psychologically balanced and kind mind and communicator who only needed to spend a few hundred million dollars to increase the people's knowledge about the climate.

I wish Al G*re a lot of good luck so that his inspiring and likable personality will make at least as much progress when it comes to getting the heretical, non-anthropomorphic ideas about the climate from the people's minds in the next 5 years as it did in the past 5 years. I hope all of you will join me.

Big thanks, Al!

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