Thursday, August 11, 2011

Monnett may have sent $1m to Derocher for a review

As long-term TRF readers know, Andrew Derocher - a Canadian polar bear researcher - is an immoral jerk and one of the most aggressive members of the eco-Gestapo.

In October 2009, he wrote a letter to Mitchell Taylor in which he disinvited Taylor from a polar bear conference, openly saying that it was because Taylor's knowledge about the climate wasn't convenient for the organized global warming propaganda.

Before 2011, I didn't know much about Charles Monnett (see the text about the recent investigation). However, the Science Magazine finally links these two men in a meaningful way and brings us something that looks like a "tangible" accusation:
Senator Inhofe Has Questions About Polar Bear Researcher Charles Monnett
One of the hypotheses they're investigating is that Charles Monnett has directed $1 million to Andrew Derocher as a payment for a positive review of Monnett's paper that Derocher wrote.

In 2004, Monnett saw (?) the drowned polar bears. On April 25th, 2005, the paper about the observation was received by the journal.

In 2005, Andrew Derocher received a $1.1 million grant from "officers" in Monnett's U.S. institution for some extra research of polar bears in the Beaufort Sea, "Populations and Sources of the Recruitment in Polar Bears", in which Monnett was just a rank-and-file member. In 2006, Monnett's paper on the two-year-old observation was finally published. Because of Monnett's sudden fame, he began to control about $50 million of Arctic wildlife research funds in recent years.

Homework problem for you: find four likely causal relationships between the five events. ;-)

It's a well-known fact that the "peer review" of Monnett's and Gleason's paper was done by Lisa Rotterman and Andrew Deroche. If you want to suggest that at least Lisa Rotterman is an OK and impartial choice that proves the holiness of the "peer review" procedures, let me just mention that she is Charles Monnett's wife. ;-)

So Derocher's review of Monnett's junk paper could have been easily bought for $1 million of the U.S. taxpayers' money. I would personally consider Derocher himself to be the main villain if this accusation turned out to be right. Of course, both men would be criminals if the accusations were true and both of them illegally attracted millions of dollars that they shouldn't have.

University of Alberta - where Derocher works - has distanced itself from Charles Monnett. Unfortunately, returning that $1 million wasn't a part of the distancing.

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