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Viktoria Pilsen beats Rosenborg Trondheim

My hometown soccer team, Viktoria Pilsen, the winner of the Top Czech Gambrinus Soccer League (Gambrinus, the sponsor, is the most widely drunk beer in Czechia, one produced in Pilsen as well, of course, and a Scandinavian God of beer), has made it to the playoff of the European (UEFA) Champions League.

The Stadium of the City of Pilsen, also known as the Pilsner Construction Site. That's where the match took place last night. At the end, it was raining terribly. You may see the brewery's water tower in the background, among other not too pretty things.

Although it's the first time when Pilsen plays either in the European League or the UEFA Champions League, it has won all the four matches so far - against Yerevan as well as Trondheim.

Rosenborg Trondheim is both the current as well as the traditional winner of the Norwegian Top League. In Norway, Pilsen won 1-to-0. So it was in an advantage.

However, last night, the first 45 minutes have shown a submissive Pilsen - not the offensive gang as the fans love it.

That has changed in the first 25 minutes of the second period. A reason is that the couch and the captain and others screamed like mad in the dressing room during the break.

No doubts about it, the Czech locker room was much more closely resembling Utoya than the Norwegian locker room. Our team re-energized, was playing with the Norwegian champions like with dolls, and the score was changing as 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 2-2, 3-2.

The captain says that some people believe that soccer is played for 90 minutes. But it's really a myth: Pilsen has demonstrated that it's possible to play for 25 minutes only. ;-)

The victory has occurred despite the fact that the Norwegian team's annual budget is $30 million while it is just $5 million in Pilsen. Pilsen received an extra $5 million for the defeat of Trondheim - the equivalent of one annual budget. :-)

It will play one more foe, to be chosen on Friday. If Pilsen loses, we will play the new European League. If we win, we will continue in the top group of the UEFA Champions League.

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