Sunday, August 07, 2011

Why the left-wing Obama bashers are jerks

In recent months and especially weeks, the radical leftists in the U.S. became fond of bashing Barack Obama. And I surely don't mean just Al Gore who is "disappointed" that Obama doesn't actively spread Gore's lies about the Climate Armageddon anymore.

I mean all kinds of leftists who complain that Barack Obama hasn't said what they wanted him to say, and so on. For example, here is an outrageous Marxist diatribe that a communist and socialist swine, pretending to be a capitalist and imperialist pig, wrote for Obama as a speech of his dreams.

Shockingly enough, Drew Westen, a professor of psychology, wrote almost the same complaint and almost the same speech in the New York Times today:
What happened to Obama? (or Obama's passion)
Westen demands that Obama says the following:
[...] This was a disaster, but it was not a natural disaster. It was made by Wall Street gamblers who speculated with your lives and futures. It was made by conservative extremists who told us [...]
An hour of Che-Guevara-style rubbish follows. Holy crap. Westen criticizes Obama because during his reign, it has become clear to most people that the conservatives have always been right - and Westen doesn't like this outcome because he thinks that the left-wing delusions should be spread regardless of arbitrarily powerful evidence to the contrary.

Also, Pig should write to the New York Times that he is the original jerk who invented this concept - a fictitious Marxist speech delivered by Obama - that was stolen by Drew Westen. It's Pig's intellectual property although one that a decent person wouldn't take credit for.

So why Obama isn't saying this garbage these days?

How Obama got to the top

I think that most readers will agree that Barack Obama is a fundamentally friendly guy who is a good enough diplomat, an excellent communicator, and who became a top politician because of these advantages and because his ethnic background agreed with "something new and cool" that America, often plagued by feelings of (justified or unjustified) guilt, simply wanted to try.

If I use negative words, Obama didn't get to the White House because he would be a person who has carefully thought about the world, authoritatively and independently figured out what his values and goals are, and who would aggressively try to achieve them. This is simply not Obama. In particular, Obama avoids confrontations and he always did: in this respect, he dramatically differs from activists and similar groups that were helping him to get to D.C. Obama is someone who always serves to his environment, taking the basic values and assumptions of his environment for granted and contributing his standard added value which is not concentrated in the new basic paradigms.

None of us could have been sure how America under Obama would look like. For various reasons, it was an unprecedented experiment. Obama's voting records indicated that he was the most left-wing Senator among all of his contemporaries so his inauguration could have conceivably be another Great October Revolution. However, many of us had some intuition and saw that this didn't reflect the actual Obama at the systemic level of his hormones and reflexes - as opposed to the version of Obama that was engineered by the left-wing environment in which he lived for many years.

After almost three years, we see that Obama hasn't brought the feared communist (or feminist or another -ist) revolution to the U.S. - even though this is exactly what various pigs and westens wanted. He did confirm that his spending habits are less disciplined than those of George W. Bush - which were already bad by themselves - and that he wants to increase some social programs. He did introduce Obamacare - which seems crazy for America but which was actually proposed by some people (and think tanks) calling themselves rightwingers, too.

However, Obama has also killed Osama, something that George W. Bush couldn't have done for years, and indeed, Obama's silence about many things about which a left-wing president could be screaming do prove that the person who got into the White House is not another Che Guevara. At the level of ideology, Obama has behaved as a moderate politician. Some people expected this to be the case back in 2008, others didn't. But I think it is the right assessment today.

Obama's growing realism and experience

I think that the primary event that has taken place is that Obama has learned something about a subtle subject that he had previously almost no clue about. This subject is called the reality. For example, he has learned that certain policies hadn't been introduced before his administration not only because people were not fresh, young, racially mixed, cool, and nice, but also because there exist all kinds of legitimate reasons - important reasons he previously didn't know - why these policies may also be very bad.

Obama has learned that America has some genuine enemies and these enemies are also his enemies - and they want to kill him - even though he could have dreamed about kissing them every night in order to make the world peaceful - he dreamed about it before he actually became the president. Well, but such love with the dove named Obama has to have two parties that agree. And the other side simply won't agree and Obama has slowly realized that this utopia was nonsensical as well. America may have become somewhat less important in the international politics but it didn't become less hated by those who hated it before. Even if he has ever been a Muslim, he would be considered an apostate by now. ;-)

It's very clear that unless a president is crazy or Carter or something like that, he must ultimately behave in "roughly the same way" as the previous presidents.

He has also gradually learned - even though it takes a lot of time - that government programs cost money and the supply of money he can use is not unlimited. There are apparently some problems with the money even though he has only increased the U.S. public debt by 5 trillion dollars so far. :-) Even though this number is so tiny, relatively to quadrillions or quintillions, it already shows that there could be something wrong with the idea of an utopia land where everything may be paid to everyone.

More importantly and more generally, I think that he had to be exposed to many more conservatives and he has arguably understood that their picture of the society and the economy makes much more sense than the picture that had been fed into his throat by the left-wingers for decades in his previous life. Obama has finally seen that the jobs are ultimately created by the corporations and rich people, not by the working class or the middle class or whatever special interest groups the leftists want to serve. He has seen that hunger is not a good political adviser, using the words of Einstein.

He has understood that things like personal responsibility, competition, wealth inequality that motivates people to work, and concentration of capital are essential for the society to work. He has seen that the Tea Party has a point when it is afraid of America's future. Finally, he had to meet the representatives of many groups that are demonized by the extreme left (and I don't mean just CWMs) and he has understood that they're often better people than the leftists themselves.

The circumstances by which this previously naive politician was elected were strange and remain constraining so Obama can't say everything he has learned. But it's clear that he has learned a lot. Too bad that he can't quite communicate everything that's happening in his mind - which many people would find scandalous.

It's never too late to learn and Obama may actually be on his way to become a wiser person than he has been, and maybe sometimes in the future even a realistic right-winger instead of an unrealistic left-winger. I think that the "progressives" should realize that it was Obama, and not them, who became the president of the United States. And he has the right to learn, during his presidency, that the "progressive" propaganda he's been fed with for decades is just a pile of stinky garbage.

If you have been observing his facial expressions carefully, and if you have been comparing them with those of others, you must know that he has never had the feelings and emotions of a fanatical leftist. While he has been treated as a prostitute by the far left-wing movement while he was a politician (a guy from such a background is "obliged" to be a leftist, isn't he?), his childhood and other parts of his more ordinary life still left some contact with the real world - and the real world doesn't obey the left-wing ideology.

So please, left-wing Obama bashers, move to North Korea if you want a president that satisfies your ideas about an optimal president. Obama is not saying the things you want to hear simply because he no longer believes that they're true. You don't have any right to use Barack Obama as your pimp just because he isn't quite white. He even has the full right to gradually become conservative if he wants tto. So please respect this basic right and thank you for your attention. ;-)

And Barack, if the comments above are at least partly true, come out of the closest and use your melodic articulation to describe, as politely as you can, that you have learned that most of the feminists are bitches, most of the progressives are deluded militant parasites and that you actually came to love many people such as many CWMs. ;-)


  1. What are you talking about, Obama is a left wing politican. Look at the wealth redistribution in the USA. It is bigger during the Obama rule. It is obvious that Obama is not a communist or any radical left winger. But like in China you can change your ideology and stil support NK(the communists).

    For example in Vietnam they are OK with their party and they expelled the invadlers. Their economy is in good shape. Or take a look at the comming reforms in Cuba, with their average health care and growing economy.

  2. Unless your whole post is satire, or unless I am misunderstanding it, you are really looking stupid to me. Could it be a Harvaaaaaard connection with BH--O? Nothing else makes any sense. Obama is the biggest mistake/discredit to Harvard AND THE USA in all of it's existence, and I am very sure that you know that (or you are REALLY stupid). I have a real problem with one of my heros accepting the unbelievable duplicity of this fake. ESPECIALLY A CZECH!!!He is a criminal, usurper, phony, dishonest, dumb piece of shit (you say this stuff, so I can, too, LOL).

    ???? I don't see how such a smart person can be deluded by such an obvious pig????