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CMS diphoton Higgs search: 119 GeV favored

I am checking lots of new papers that appear on the CERN website. Session III of the LHC-HCG working meeting is underway right now, on Tuesday morning (September 27th). I believe that this graph is the most interesting one.

Click to zoom in.

The chart shows the digamma (two photons) signals measured at CMS after 1.66/fb. A simple decay of the Higgs boson to two particles of light may arguably give the most accurate information about the Higgs mass.

You may see that the most visible excess of events – near 3 sigma – may be found in the 118-120 GeV bin, i.e. close to my new favorite value of the Higgs boson mass, 119 GeV, which has been quoted as the newest "most likely scenario" many times on this blog. Unfortunately, ATLAS doesn't seem to see a clear bump in this region which is one of the reasons that leads CMS to ask various questions to their colleagues and competitors.

There are similar excesses near 140 GeV. However, I believe that the 119 GeV excess is sharper when compared to the adjacent bins: it's more bump-like. What I mean is that the near-140 GeV excesses could be due to some wrong calculation of the background or wrong filters: they're less linked to a sharp value of the mass.

I won't link to the paper on the CERN website because it wasn't necessarily meant to be public.

String theory dimensions from Kaballah

Bohdan has posted a very interesting and amusing link:

Rabbi Crispe, not to be confused with Barry Kripke, explains how to calculate the spacetime dimensionality from Kabbalah and Torah, whether they're the same thing or not. As far as I know, it's the first non-technical calculation of the spacetime dimension according to string theory. ;-)

One of the new things I learned is that the Jewish holy texts also explain how many dimensions remain compactified. Only four dimensions become feminime – which means that they reveal themselves :-) – while the remaining six remain masculine and compactified. (Islam denies the feminime-decompactification link because of burqa.)

Despite a popular misconception, the supercemetery is not supersymmetric. SUSY is broken because it's another name of bosonic string theory. A special discussion is also dedicated to Edward Witten and his M(essiah)-theory. Please don't confuse Messiah with Jesus Christ; the latter is just another Jew, as I learned as a PhD student from my adviser. ;-)

It's so amusing and technically satisfactory that I can't get rid of the suspicion that Crispe is just a string theorist who is making fun out of everyone else.

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