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EU Parliament votes to spend millions to cure cows by homeopathy

The European Parliament is the intellectual elite on Europe. As we learn from the Daily Mail and other sources, their agriculture committee has decided that the European Union will spend 2 million euros for homeopathical treatment of farm animals.

Prince Charles and Czech ex-president Václav Havel belong among the fans of this particular pseudoscience - and the events in the EU clearly show that they're far from being the only ones. On the other hand, the politicians in Czechia, the U.K., and probably many other countries - across the political spectrum - make fun out of this lunacy.

Dear cows, you are going to get some really expensive distilled water from the European taxpayer who can no longer control what he spends his money for. If he could, he would be more likely to spend the millions for non-homeopathic pills against the mad cow disease and similar disorders that are widely spread among the EU lawmakers.

Cows probably don't even recognize the placebo effect...

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