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Lisa Randall on Charlie Rose tonight

Top particle physicist Lisa Randall's second popular book, Knocking on Heaven's Door, will be available on Tuesday. offers you a huge discount.

While providing the author with some feedback, your humble correspondent has read this excellent book on particle physics, the LHC, and philosophy of science in general, about thrice.

The most recent positive review appeared in The Independent.

Tonight, Lisa Randall will appear on Charlie Rose's show, now on Bloomberg Television.

Unless I missed something, she hasn't been on that show since late 2006.

I mentioned The Independent which is a left-wing PC daily. It's fair to mention that The Daily Mail which is right-wing has an article about the possible looming discovery or non-discovery of the Higgs which seems balanced and inviting the reader to the actual "cold and impartial" thinking of the professionals and their disagreements etc. It's a short article so one can't say much but it looks much better than what the BBC and others wrote about similar issues.

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