Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maldives trust Delingpole: we will be erased off maps

Maldives president signs a resolution before the Copenhagen 2009 meeting.

This is getting increasingly hilarious or unbelievable. Yesterday, James Delingpole, a well-known and witty climate skeptic writing for a Telegraph blog, made fun out of the Times Atlas' blunder concerning the disappearing ice of Greenland:
Times Atlas To Print New World Map Without Tuvalu, Maldives, Manhattan etc.
The title contains all the important information. If they can say that 15% of Greenland's ice disappeared, they may also print new maps without Tuvalu, Maldives, and, less importantly, Manhattan, too. James Delingpole wrote down a whole self-evidently fake story about the plans to revise the new atlas. Yesterday, you may have accused James Delingpole of an exaggeration: the alarmists would surely not consider printing maps without those islands or believe that this is what the maps will show, would they?

Well, you can no longer raise this complaint today. The Maldives media were completely duped and they interpreted Delingpole's satirical article as yet another credible report. Here is an example:
Times Atlas to omit Maldives in upcoming edition: report (Haveeru Online)
Read the article above. It is written exactly in the same smug way as many other articles that try to intimidate the readers by quoting "global warming authorities" and that implicitly convey the message that the ends (such as global carbon fascism) justify the means (such as global carbon fascism).

So we learn that a prestigious British daily has quoted some of the amazing people publishing the atlas who say that the maps don't have to be quite accurate but they should predict the future and communicate emotional messages.

If you open Google Earth, you may easily see that Male, the capital of Maldives, is mostly about 6 meters above the sea level so at the current rates, one needs something like 2,000 years for the city to drop below the sea level. The actual rate will probably change in the future and we can't quite be sure in which direction but the users of the Times Atlas in any foreseeable future would surely get totally invalid information if the islands were missing.

Will the media also report Obama's plans to relocate Israel under the sea? Such an article could actually be more realistic than the article about Maldives.

Congratulations, James, your ability to show that there's no brain left in the alarmist skulls is amazing! The only thing we may expect now is that the major atlas companies will actually start to print atlases with missing islands and continents.

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  1. Why then expand the airport?

  2. Reality check.

    MALE-B, Hulule, Maldives (PSMSL Station ID: 1753, Time span of data: 1989 – 2010).

    It is pretty easy to calculate, that average rate of sea level rise in the last two decades is 2.28 mm/year there.