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Mother Jones: climate skeptics have won

Blue Marble, an environmentalist blog at Mother Jones, has finally admitted that the debate is over:

Chart: How the Climate Change Deniers Won
Josh Harkinson has complained that global warming has fallen off the political radar. It has fallen so far that no one has screamed that it was important to throw half a billion dollars for Solyndra (solar company that went bust) not only because it's great economics to throw so much money but also because it's a symptom of great climatology to throw billions for ludicrous, carbon-free sources of energy.

The author summarizes the situation: the climate deniers have won. He also includes a helpful diagram of the grid that has made our victory possible:

Click to zoom in. Can you find our location?

Amusingly enough, it's very analogous to the rumored diagram of the latest bailout in the eurozone:

Click to zoom in.

In fact, you may even find Solyndra on the eurozone chart. ;-) The only difference is that the eurozone chart was drawn by someone who realized that he or she was mostly joking about all the details. On the other hand, the environmentalists literally believe all the fine features of their Big Oil conspiracy theories.

At any rate, we have won. So I am only waiting for a few extra formalities such as James Hansen, Al Gore, and their likes who are going to admit that they have been liars, jerks, and as*holes for a few decades and they finally give up and apologize to everyone who has been harmed, robbed, or just irritated. Let's hope that they will close the story before the Pilsen-Milan soccer match tomorrow so that I may fully concentrate on the game. :-)

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reader Colorado Wellington said...
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reader باز راس الوهابية وفتواه في جواز الصمعولة اليهود. اار الازعيم-O FLUVIÁRIO NO DESERTO said...

Tertiary and Quaternary periods have experienced wide global and regional fluctuations over relatively short spans of time (thousand years or more)but the actual trend with overall cooling towards the present as ended circa 1957 and the present trend have features never seen ...
welll you have the power

AGA is kaputt
(at least til 2012)
Antarctic excluded

reader باز راس الوهابية وفتواه في جواز الصمعولة اليهود. اار الازعيم-O FLUVIÁRIO NO DESERTO said...

And petrol and chiks for free

and money for nothing....

reader Marklar said...

Phew. Glad that's done with then. Now I can get back to digging for oil in my backyard.

reader ParmaJohn said...

I still love how Google throws the get-rich-quick-and-save-the-world adverts at me every time I come to your blog. Today it is 7 things you should know before installing a PV system, supplied naturally by an installer of PV systems.

Science has won out over religion, but the politics of rent seeking continues unabated.

reader Anonymous said...

Is there a way on how to subscribe to this blog without receiving climate change related posts?

reader Luboš Motl said...

Hi Marian, you may subscribe to particular categories. The URL is e.g.

motls.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/LHC or motls.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default/-/stringy%20quantum%20gravity.

Not sure whether you can define "unions" or "negative selection" (NOT climate): I don't know how to do it.

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