Thursday, September 01, 2011

PBS: Albert Einstein: How I see the world

This is a PBS documentary about Einstein's life.

Well, it's mostly about the political background, the violin, his relatives, Einstein as a self-described Jew, Zionist, and - in the last of the 6 parts - a candidate to become the president of Israel.

Lots of ancient footage is included.


  1. I actually think that would apply to zionism... The more I think about
    it the more I feel that all the Jews in the world should vote
    democratically for or against a zionist state. Why not ? At least the
    answer would be clear.

  2. I actually don't know what the result would be like.

    At any rate, your proposal is a racist sleight of hand. Citizens who are not citizens of Israel have no right to impose the non-existence of their homeland on citizens of a different country even though they share the ethnicity with almost all of them.

  3. Dear Lubos, it's just a link-spammer who copies from an older comment to promote some website. It's all they do, they're third-worlders getting paid a half-penny for every link they place. Human labor is cheaper than (web-based) robots, evidently.

    (Although it's interesting to view the evolution of one TRF commenter based on what is found here. If ever you wonder whether your work is making a difference, Lubos, here is the proof that it does.)

    (No objction from me if you decide to delete this sub-thread including this comment.)

  4. I know, Eugene. This one got through because

    1) it hadn't yet been identified as "low reputation user" at Disqus

    2) it was the most possibly on-topic comment by a spammer I have ever seen. Usually you only get "very interesting, love it, will return it, buy Viagra."