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EU carbon trading scheme pays for murder of 23 farmers in Honduras

The list of casualties of climate fearmongering is expanding

The story of 20,000 people in Uganda who were made homeless and whose several children were burned at stake was unfortunately not the last report about murders committed by the people who fight against climate change.

Farmers in Aguán, northern Honduras murdered by private militias that were working to reduce the "carbon footprint"

EurActiv brings us sad news about the murder of 23 farmers in Honduras perpetrated by the climate alarmists' private militias:

Carbon credits tarnished by human rights 'disgrace' (EurActiv)

Honduran deaths trigger EU carbon credit clash (The New American, some extra info)

National Post editorial board: The UN’s do-nothing green scheme (National Post)
Honduras, a Central American country, was more well-known for drug production. However, the fraudulent European carbon trading scheme has offered even more money to this country for programs that, according to some of the ETS' pseudoscientific superstitions, reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere which is, according to even more pseudoscientific superstitions, good for the climate.

The Honduran government that has arguably been always close to the agricultural corporations, including those that produce drugs, decided to "allow" these corporations to convert much of the arable land to palm oil plantations (to produce biodiesel biofuels). For these allegedly "carbon reducing" changes of the terrain, they would be paid huge amounts of money by the European carbon crooks. See some Spring 2011 comments about these programs.

(By the way, even the modest claim that palm oil plantations reduce CO2 is most likely a misconception and some other oil palm plantations (on peatlands) were actually denied the CDM cash.)

Harvesting palm oil fruits at a palm oil plantation in Borneo (Malaysia).

So these companies such as Grupo Dinant just stole the land from the local farmers to convert them to palm oil plantations. When the farmers tried to recover their stolen land, they were killed. What will happen after we learned about these murders perpetrated by the climate alarmists? Is the United Nations' CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) in trouble or is it satisfied now?

Well, it apparently is satisfied: blood of innocent people is what makes this scum going. A CDM board member has explained to EurActiv that the murderers will get their well-deserved money stolen from the EU taxpayers:
"We are not investigators of crimes," a board member told EurActiv. "We had to take judgements within our rules – however regretful that may be – and there was not much scope for us to refuse the project. All the consultation procedures precisely had been obeyed."
Fine, so the land thieves and mass murderers get their "well-deserved" millions from the EU; climate alarmist rules speak a clear language, after all: lie, steal, murder, and get paid for that. And what do the green members of the European Parliament (MEPs) do with this event? Well, they may apologize:
"If this is really a direct consequence of Europe's climate policies then I would like to send my sincere apologies to the people of Honduras," [Green MEP] Bas Eickhout said.
How will this politician deal with similar inevitable reports in the future?
"The CDM is supposed to be offering environmental benefits and sustainable development but these kinds of stories are really terrible. I don't want to hear them anymore." 
They simply don't want to hear them. A head in the sand is surely a nice "solution". Nevertheless, the Green MEPs still had some conscience and proposed not to pay cash for the palm oil plantations in Honduras. How did the CDM board's chairman, Martin Hession, react?
Martin Hession said that he felt "extreme sympathy" for Eickhout's suggestion but was concerned that the EU might not have optimal resources to effectively investigate rights violations.
Just keep on going: Mr Hession's salary is paid from these murders as well as he surely doesn't want to question that murders are the way to go. But continuing with this fundamentally sick policy is guaranteed to lead to additional murders. If someone in a not-quite-civilized country may make millions out of hot air, literally, it is inevitable that at some point, he will murder people because of that. In this respect, carbon credits and heroin (the EU doesn't officially pay for the latter) work in the very same way.

Reducing CO2 emissions in Honduras. From Soylent Green's article.

In more advanced countries, the people who can make an easy profit don't murder too often but pseudointellectual crooks who should be in State Pen are often sitting (and being paid) in Penn State.

I propose a different solution: life in prison for the whole CDM board and death penalty for the worst cases. We are dealing with a group of fanatical people who won't demonstrably stop when they need to kill people in the name of their breathtaking delusions (the comment about their need to follow their "rules" is just totally scary) and in the name of the millions that, according to their beliefs, belong to them.

We are dealing with a dangerous international fascist organization (I mean the climate alarmists) and I am telling you, if we won't show them that we have teeth, they will show it to us sometime in the future.

Bonus for alarmists

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