Thursday, October 06, 2011

Herman Cain to Wall Street commies: blame yourself

Drudge Report promoted an article on NY Daily News:
Herman Cain to Occupy Wall Street protesters: If you're not rich 'blame yourself'
For some time, I didn't know whether Herman Cain, an ex-boss of Godfather's Pizza, was a viable presidential candidate but he obviously is one which means that people who think he's sensible shouldn't be afraid to say so! I am just saying so. ;-)

In the poll associated with the article above, Herman Cain received 70% of votes as a presidential candidate. It's surely not his first victory among the GOP candidates.

If I were an inhabitant of the New York City, I would surely be annoyed by the anti-capitalist rabble that began to contaminate the Wall Street on a permanent basis. This Marxist ragtag has to be actively shown that it's just a ragtag – the same thing it has been for more than 200 years. My country has learned quite something about the results of the passivity that allows these weeds to promote their loser status to a virtue and to think that they may decide how a country should be governed.

They actually did control my country between 1948 and 1989 and it wasn't pretty.

Unless the American society makes it very clear that these people are just losers who should better hide somewhere and be ashamed instead of proudly showing up – because there is nothing they can be collectively proud about and there is no justification of the opinion that they have the credentials to influence anything in an advanced country – the Wall Street is on its way to become another Syntagma square and America is on its way to become another big Greece.

This Greek man may look like one of the people who conveniently eat from the bloated Greek socialist feeding trough for the working/middle/whatever_you_call_the_parasitic class: nevertheless, according to the dirty communist rabble at the Syntagma square, he is different enough to be called a "fascist" and this is how they decorate folks who actually oppose their hardcore communism. They're thugs and should be treated as thugs. Does America want similar people to be in charge of the once great country?

Barack Obama, the currently most well-known employee of the White House, won't do anything to return these mobs where they belong, namely into a gutter, because he is actively benefiting from a society where aggressive, talent-free, lazy scum is elevated to the top and vice versa (they have the same vote as the wealthy people, after all, and one may easily create kilotons of this rabble by harmful interventions to the economy and by supporting the thesis that it's capitalism's fault).

Someone else has to do the job and it's good that Herman Cain isn't ashamed to say that the rabble has no moral right to blame someone else.

Video: You certainly don't want to be a cop in a country where assorted communist garbage people are considered the standard and the "owners of the state". If you're a decent human, you don't want to be a citizen in such a country, either.

If there exists no more peaceful way to protect the status of the Wall Street it has had at least since 1792 – a top hard-working center of the global financial world – the U.S. government should declare a martial law. Again, America isn't in the same bad shape as Greece but it doesn't have to be that infinitely far as this RT video, so analogous to the Athens video above, suggests.

It's time for all the American patriots who believe in some kind of American exceptionalism to wake up. America is not that exceptional. The fact that it hasn't tried decades or centuries of a totalitarian system is mostly due to lucky accidents in its history and these lucky accidents are not guaranteed to continue. "Occupy Wall Street" belongs to the category of class warfare events that have made the communist movement stronger in many other countries that ultimately surrendered to this political tumor.

A belief that those things will just safely go away may turn out to lead to bad decisions. Those 20,000 people in NYC are just 20,000 angry losers and the political power of 20,000 losers in a country of 300 million people is basically zero; when these people try to limit other people's freedom, they just commit crime and have to be treated as any other criminals. Any attempt to deny these basic facts and/or give these "protesters" some special rights or excuses is a road to hell.

If you think that your stomach may absorb 4 minutes of hateful lies by these bolshevik feces, listen to Keith Olberman who reads their shocking "statement".

Ann Coulter wrote a fun essay for the Front Page Magazine, comparing the Wall Street occupiers with the (historical) Boston Tea Party and the (modern) Tea Party.


  1. So when we gave these criminal parasites on Wall St trillions of our dollars, that was not communism. Communism is when people are asking of these criminal banksters to quit robbing them

    Good to know Luboš.

  2. Indeed, Mel., it would be good if you learned and started to know such basic things about the real world.

    Several financial institutions were bailed out because the health of the financial sector is paramount for the health of the economy as a whole (i.e. the economy which includes all classes and sectors).

    During the recession, the U.S. government just decided that it was a good idea to bail out many of these things - while it made a different decision in the Lehman Brothers case. It's still questionable whether this selective omission was such a great idea, after all.

    Bankers are otherwise not robbing anyone (unless they do and they get arrested); bankers returned to their business-as-usual business in which they're getting money for real (financial) work.

    In the U.S. or any functional capitalist country, rabble similar to the "occupying forces at Wall Street" is not being bailed out because they're not important for the health of the economy.

    Indeed, when such people are (successfully - so far we're not there) asking to confiscate assets of bankers "because bankers are robbing them", *this* is communism, pretty much definition.

    It would be really good if you knew.

  3. In 2008 McCain and Obama wanted to bail out the banking sector. In protest I voted for Boris Johnson (Lord Mayor of London, aka "The Thinking Man's Idiot").

    In 2012, Boris won't be getting my vote because all the Republican candidates are immensely superior to Obama.

    As a business owner, my preference is Herman Cain but I will cheerfully support any of the others if Herman does not get nominated.

    A very encouraging sign is that the most moderate GOP candidate (Mitt Romney) wants to eliminate US funding of the UN, thus eliminating the IPCC.

  4. Gentlemen, the peeps in Liberty Mall are opposed to Communism (except Michael Moore). It is the banks that are economically supporting Communism, and fixed economies like China. They dump their products here, manufactured by slaves, and this is at total odds with a free capitalistic economic system, that supports families in free societies. As long as they continue this, free people are being left unsupported. These protestors are the same people who have protested in 1999 in Seattle - opposing the open ports for foreign goods from Communist countries entering the US (as in the original Tea Party).

    The people in Athens, I was led to believe were people simply on public support who were being cut off, many actually foreign immigrants who had invaded the country.