Sunday, October 09, 2011

Higgs mass: poll

You may still vote but let me declare the following numbers to be the results of the poll:

The Higgs skeptics received 40% and became the largest group. And yes, I do realize that most of them think that the Higgs will never be found: I am not deaf but they're wrong. ;-)

The 115-119 GeV lightest but not excluded interval got 29%. Also scored 120-129 GeV (12%), 140-145 GeV (6%), 130-139 GeV (4%), 0-114 GeV (3%), and 238-245 GeV (2%). The other options got less than 2%.

At least one of the largest groups had a sensible point but none of them is right if you want to know in advance. ;-)

Obsolete text from the morning when the poll began:

It's likely that by the end of 2012, and maybe even before Christmas 2011, the LHC will announce the discovery of the Higgs boson (or "a" Higgs boson).

In this poll, you are asked about the central value of the first Higgs boson rounded to the nearest integer and reported as having at least "evidence" in a publicly accessible paper by CMS or ATLAS by the end of 2012: there's also an option that there won't be any Higgs boson by then.

Mass of the first Higgs boson discovered at the LHC free polls 

I have chosen the intervals so that they have comparable chances according to the data I know, including modest hints of the Higgs existence at various points.

Slovak beer: an ad

A completely off-topic commercial promoting "Golden Pheasant" (Zlatý bažant), a popular Slovak beer (their bottles and logos are designed to be confused with Pilsner Urquell), with lots of funny comments about the national character of various nations, especially Slovakia:

To have a system and to master it, it's the German way. Not to have a system and master it, it's the Slovak way.

To have a 1,000 Czech crowns in the pocket and to pretend you only have 20 crowns, it's such a Czech way. To have 20 crowns in the pocket and pretend you have 1,000 crowns, it's the Slovak way. ;-)

To build an accelerator, it's the European way. Not to be in any hurry, it's the Slovak way.

To want to borrow from everyone, it's the Greek way. Not to want to lend to Greece, it's the Slovak way.

To marry a Slovak woman, it's the English, Italian, Austrian, as well as United Arab Emiratian way. But to marry a Slovak man, it's the Slovak way.

To go out with your friends in the evening, it's the Slovak way. But to have the Golden Pheasant with them, it's the global way.

Golden Pheasant, the world's Slovak beer. ;-)

In a longer variation of the ad, you also hear: Not to know where Slovakia is, it's the American way. To know where Slovakia is, it's the Slovak way. And... To have an exceptional cuisine, it's the French way. To have an exceptional appetite, it's the Slovak way.

Great Pardubice Steeplechase

Around the third of October, TRF has a mandatory report about the most famous Czech horse race in Pardubice. Two years ago, I wrote about Josef Váňa's 6th victory and last year, I wrote about Josef Váňa's 7th victory.

In ten days, the athlete who has suffered from roughly 137 injuries and multiple deaths so far will celebrate his 59th birthday. So what was the result today? Yes, as the readers familiar with integers and mathematical induction could have expected, he won for the 8th time although this outcome was far from clear even half a minute before the finish. The 59-year-old athlete was considered the top dog: the bookmakers' odds were just 1.8 for his victory.

It's also a success story for his horse, Tiumen, who won for the 3rd time, pretty much matching the legendary Železník three decades ago. Klaus was also competing (as a horse) but he was the last one for quite some time and dropped out of the race after a horse accident. ;-)

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