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Lord Monckton a target of a silly satirist

I hope that Lord Christopher Monckton will ultimately forgive me but the prank above was so simple and so stupid that I simply had to laugh. ;-) The idea is simple: Lord Monckton is, after Borat and others, another comic character performed by Sascha Baron Cohen.

I wonder what you would be doing if they chose you. Well, you can't really do anything. ;-) The satirist may be brainwashed and deluded about all kinds of important questions but when he does his job, it's still funny. The whole program is preconceived in such a way that whatever you will do will look funny. Well, at any rate, Lord Christopher Monckton isn't Sascha Baron Cohen. Believe me: I've tested him when we met in Berlin.

If you're asking whether I am another character played by Jim Parsons, well, no comment. The latest episode of The Big Bang Theory – another visit of Sheldon's mother – was really embarrassing. At least, we learned that Leonard is politically correct to a great extent so that he couldn't resist to correct Ms Cooper when she was talking about Kung-Fu letters, Ching-Chao letters, and realized that it's funny to see Rajesh's Indian parents being critical about white partners of their daughter because we're not used to think about it in the other way.

Explaining green jobs

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reader shaun said...

Lubos, I could find your contact info, so I’ll comment here.

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity says that Germany’s panic decision to close its nuclear plants will make rolling blackouts likely this winter. What they don’t say, but surely secretly fear is that Russia will use this to political advantage. Europe can only run so much wind and solar power by balancing it with gas plants. Europe gets much of its gas from Russia.

No German Nukes + winter storm = Russia decides whether or not Europe’s lights stay on.

I hope a big blackout does happen to finally knock some sense into the mindless fear-driven green movement.

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