Sunday, October 02, 2011

Most IPCC coordinating lead authors work for WWF

Donna Laframboise of Men's New Daily (see also No Frakking Consensus) has found a fascinating proof that whatever matters in the IPCC has nothing whatsoever to do with science:
78 names (MND)
She has compared two lists. One of them is a list of scientists hired by the World Wildlife Fund, a huge international ecoterrorist corporation. According to the WWF, these "scientists" work for the WWF to support the claims by "Climate Witnesses".

The other list is a list of authors of the 2007 IPCC report. She found 78 people in the intersection of these two sets.

Remarkably enough, there are 23 coordinating lead authors among those 78 names: the coordinating lead authors are in charge of a whole chapter. Note that the other ranks include "generic" lead authors, review editors, and numerous "rank and file" contributing authors. All these types of IPCC members are represented in the WWF panel; however, the overrepresentation of the IPCC's most powerful people in the WWF structures is striking.

Modest headquarters of the WWF; the 2010 revenues of this huge organization selling fear and bigotry were €525 million: compare it with your income (and even with the income of your municipal gas company)

Just imagine a hypothetical situation in which 78 authors of the IPCC would be found on a scientific advisory list of an oil company and 23 of them would be the bosses of an IPCC chapter. The left-wing activists and politically correct media would be screaming even if you found just one person of this kind. But when the exactly opposite thing occurs, some people think it's just fine.

Well, it's not fine. Sensible people know that if there were no other reason, this "clash of interests" would be enough for a certainty that the IPCC has absolutely no credibility left. Billions of dollars that the WWF earns is totally dependent on the influence of their claims about environmental problems. No problems means no revenue. Everyone who associates himself with such a prejudiced organization simply can't be expected to produce impartial observations – or impartial judgement on the scientific research that should be done and incorporated to the IPCC reports.

By the way, you may want to read a gloriously hysterical letter to the editor that Michael Hockeystick Mann sent to an unknown newspaper in Colorado: it's a lot of fun to watch this unhinged man!


  1. How much of WWF funding comes from Saudi and others that have interest in preventing competition is fossil fuels?

  2. THANK YOU for posting this, and linking to the Mann letter in the Vail Daily, replying with his usual lies and fabrications to overdue criticism from Martin Hertzberg, a resident in nearby resort of Copper Mountain.

    I've met Dr Martin Hertzberg, a retired atmospheric chemist with the US Navy, not many years ago when I lived in Summit County, Colorado - adjacent to the one where Vail lies.

    I'm going to craft a counter-reply, juxtaposing Mann's colleague at Penn State, professor Richard Alley (of Geosciences, whose book and television program airs nationally, "Earth: The Operators Manual," who says CO2 is the largest climate control knob) with University of California at Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller. The first simply says the Hockey Stick dispatched "bad data" - the latter of course says that in "hiding the decline," Mann et al suppressed adverse data, and that's not science at Berkeley. I will present the facts and let the readers decide for themselves. Thanks again.

  3. In the southern part of the US where I live WWF is the acronym for the World Wrestling Foundation. I find this ironic since "professional" wrestling in the south is fake wrestling in service of a larger morality play. The WWF you are discussing is fake science in service of a similar morality play.

    At least us hillbillies are smart enough to be able separate our entertainment from reality. Would that we could say the same for the sophisticates in the UN.

  4. From now on the IPCC should be referred to as "part of a group that believes it's nearly impossible to overstate the treat of AGW".