Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi: 1942-2011

One of the world's most eccentric leaders Muammar Gaddafi was finally killed in his hometown: graphic video. The civil war in Libya may be finally ending: I don't know whether its future will be rosier than the past.

Switzerland that Gaddafi wanted to disband may relax. ;-) The pipelines in Sirte where the Brother Leader spent his last moments seem less luxurious than the final villa of Osama bin Laden.

Gaddafi's 1982 visit to the Prague Castle. He has come to Czechoslovakia many times; in one case, he brought camels. The degree of understanding between the cool colonel and the boring Czechoslovak communists was low but what really made them friends were the huge exports of Czechoslovak weapons to Libya.

Gaddafi with his most powerful French friend. Today, together with Merkel and others, Sarkozy invented a new way to turn their European Union into a paradise on Earth: they plan to ban all the rating agencies that would dare to say that Greece and others are not doing great or that they are less than perfectly capable to repay any debt. ;-) This is indeed an ostrich strategy that Gaddafi wouldn't have to be ashamed of, either.

Lots of wrong things are happening in France. The country's top geologist and former science minister Claude Allegre is under attack led by dozens of aggressive crackpot fearmongers from the French Academy of Sciences because he dared to work for a foundation protecting the environment but he nevertheless "failed" to endorse the global warming fascism that has become popular among the French self-described elite.

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