Sunday, October 16, 2011

New York Times on the disappearance of AGW hysteria

Elizabeth Rosenthal has complained about the evaporation of the Climate Cataclysm Hysteria in the United States:
Where Did Global Warming Go? (NYT)
She argues that the United States have become an "exception" among the world's nations because the fear index is no longer too high. Well, I assure all Americans that in my homeland, the global warming hysteria has never caught on and the percentage of the Czechs who believe that there's a climate problem is about 1/2 of the percentage in the U.S.

There's pretty much a consensus across the political spectrum – and especially in the public – that global warming alarmism is a fashionable disease that plagues the brains of pampered and brainwashed people in the West who are either champions of a statist political ideology or their own profits, or those who want to be "hip", who are naive and detached from reality, and who don't understand how it easy it is to hijack a part of the scientific institutions and turn them into tools of shameless and cynical political propaganda.

Ms Rosenthal also mentions an irrelevant woman, a Ms Hedegaard or what's her exact name, from Denmark who is apparently a climate alarmist and an EU commissioner responsible for promoting the scientific emotions of female journalists such as Ms Hedegaard with intelligence matching that of poultry across the continent.

It's surely politically correct in certain mentally degenerated circles to praise stupid women in politics – we need more women in politics, don't we? – except that this particular Danish woman is stupid beyond imagination. But she's not the worst one. Another woman, Jill Duggan or Hoggan, is in charge of the carbon tax in the whole EU. If you click at the previous link, you may listen to an interview with Andrew Bolt (and another guy) in Australia showing that this woman doesn't have the slightest clue about a single fact that is relevant for climatology or the proposed carbon regulation.

You ask her how much of the warming may be prevented, what the costs will be, and so on, and so on, and you can't get a single number, not even an order-of-magnitude estimate. She simply has no clue.

So what Ms Rosenthal is praising about the EU is that it is not a democracy. Indeed, if Ms Hedegaard had to fight for the political support in Czechia or pretty much any other European country, especially the post-socialist ones where we have learned quite something about the results of the promotion of politicians who are picked according to an ideological key and who don't have to fight for support, her opponents wouldn't fail to mention that she is a breathtakingly dumb brainwashed bitch and she wouldn't get any support.

When the EU worked, it was an international organization composed of many democracies. However, some people who like to travel in the Brussels want to turn the EU into a single object but it's very clear that this emergent single object isn't and can't be a democracy. So all kinds of insane people, such as the global warming alarmists, may easily penetrate into the EU structures. No one in Czechia knows Ms Hedegaard and it wasn't really necessary for her to be known in 90% of the EU countries for her to become an EU minister responsible for a ludicrous "resort" such as "climate action".

But Ms Rosenthal's uncritical worshiping of the non-democratic conditions in the EU – and her equally excited promotion of the new Chinese five-year plan – is not exactly a sensible way to convince a rational American about the European or Chinese approach (not to mention the fact that the opinion that China is building a clean industry is preposterous beyond imagination: it's the most reckless polluter in the world, and I mean the real pollution, not just the non-polluting CO2 "pollution"). I believe that most Americans want their country to remain a democracy so the fact that the European political correctness allows hosts of hopelessly stupid bitches to de facto control important questions such as a proposed new sector of the industry where hundreds of billions of euros should circulate every year isn't the best way to persuade an American (who is not a Marxist or imbecile or both) that America should follow the example of the EU.

As my source – the boss of an important science department at an Ivy League university, the kind of people whose views on climate change are never looked for by the journalists ;-) – told me in the e-mail where I learned about the NYT article, Ms Rosenthal's analysis is also alarming because of the things that it doesn't say. Even though it wants to discuss the reasons why global warming is disappearing from the public radar, it hasn't mentioned the ClimateGate, it hasn't mentioned the stable temperatures since 1998 or 2001, it hasn't mentioned a sequence of harsh winters in the U.K., and it hasn't mentioned many other things that have actually led hundreds of millions of people to the conclusion that global warming isn't exactly one of the things they should worry about.

As the long-term TRF readers know, I may be counted as a relative supporter of the New York Times, something that you won't see too often among the right-wingers. However, pieces such as this Rosenthal's rant play the role of the exception that confirms the rule – namely that the New York Times is still the Gray Lady where you may still often find unusually visible traces of professional journalism despite the occasional piles of feces you have to jump over. ;-)

In the video above, climate crusader Bill "350" McKibben is teaching his far left-wing "occupying" comrades to think independently and freely express their own thoughts; the IPCC is using the same "echo chamber" method to promote independent thinking. I must admit that we haven't known this kind of independence even during communism, and it was – according to Bill McKibben – the freest social system that the mankind has tried so far. (Via WUWT.)


  1. Do you a citation for your claim about Czech opinion on global warming? If you look at the bottom of the blog entry here:

    You'll see that a poll of 1,000 Czech citizens puts them at about the midpoint of Europe in thinking whether climate change is natural or global, less skeptical than the UK, but more skeptical than Germany.

    About 10 percent of Czechs think climate change is mostly or entirely natural. By contrast, 36 percent of the US think climate change is mostly down to natural causes, according to this survey (page 17):

    I admit this isn't the same thing as thinking "there's a climate problem", but it's an interesting outcome. Reading your blog, I thought lots more Czechs would think that any climate change would be natural.

  2. Dear simpleclimate,

    my most official reference is a Gallup poll in 111 countries which showed that with 28% percent of citizens who admit that climate change is a threat, Czechia is by far the most skeptical country in the world.

    But I am not building upon a single poll or individual polls. It's also about tyhe private evaluation of all major politicians from parties, constitutional institutions, former politicians, and journalists. Climate change is simply not accepted as a problem in my country and the champions of it – like Greenpeace – are viewed as fringe groups, just like in previous topics.

    President Klaus is of course the world's top informed climate skeptics among politicians and no one else is so talkative and active in this business – but everyone silently agrees with, regardless of the political affiliation. There's no political fight about this issue in Czechia – there's a consensus that the fearmongering is bogus.


  3. "Climate change is simply not accepted as a problem in my country and the champions of it – like Greenpeace – are viewed as fringe groups, just like in previous topics."
    I think it is not so much because of the GW itself, it is more the lack of any foreign topics in Czech politics entirely - even now in current EURO currency crisis Czech politicians sits and pretends it is not their issue. The only issue where they were really interested was if Czechia gets his own EU ministry seat - the thing that is actually totally irrelevant. IMHO telling that "everyone silently agrees with" is more a feeling or wish than reality and probably would differ by the community the viewer belongs to.

  4. I read occasionally this article wrote by David Strahan,
    It's an incredible mixing of economy crack with global warming disaster after the Greek break-up. But ironically the global warming alarmism, maybe is the only hope for the Greece and entire EU.(long live EU and the alarmist pseudo scientist). Hire in Greece the average of people who beliefs in global warming is 50-60% you can imagine the power of this article in main stream people(and not only) in Greece. And I am 100% secure that thy are praying in their churches for this new hope.

  5. This is just a total aside, and I don't mean to insult you in any manner, but damn, when I see your picture here, I think of David McCallum as Illya Kuryakin in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

  6. Thanks, Alexander.

    Petr, well, your statement is really equivalent to mine. What you're implicitly saying is that "climate change" is a foreign problem. That's a part of the Czech wisdom. In Micronesia or Greece or another country of brainwashed savages, they consider AGW to be a problem and to be their personal problem.

    Leo, it's a hardcore conspiracy theory that Alexander (see above) wouldn't have to be ashamed of. ;-)