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Nokia Lumia, the first real Windows phone

I wouldn't normally comment on random products such as this mobile phone but the name of it makes it marginally justified. ;-)

The embattled Finnish phone maker loosely connected with Microsoft has introduced something that many sources consider beautiful yet uncompetitive – and the first real Windows phone.

Of course, as many TRF readers may confirm :-), what's beautiful about the product is the name. Even though beginners who are not told the truth initially think that Nokia is a Japanese company, it's actually Finnish. And the word "Lumo" doesn't mean your humble correspondent in Finnish; it is a word for "charm".

Years ago, there would be an organization called "Lumo: the Charm of Finnish Cinema". I couldn't have missed it because it was sometimes interfering with the Internet searches I did (which we used to call Altavista searches).

In esperanto, "Lumo" means "light". According to the Bible, God create Lumo and He saw it was pretty good. ;-) This root must probably generalize to other language families as well. After all, we know things like "luminiscence" which betray their relationship to the light, too.

To bend "Lumo" so that it rhymes with "Nokia" is kind of creative. We will see whether they have a chance to sell the products, Lumia 710 and Lumia 800, for something like 280 and 420 euros, respectively.

Lumia 800 is visibly slower in loading web pages, but not useless. But is it just me who sees much sharper colors and higher contrast on Lumia relatively to the iPhone 4S? Is it due to their location, settings, or different reflectivity of the glass on the surface? At any rate, if those colors were generic for various sceneries and angles, Lumia is a big winner against the Apple product when it comes to the light, i.e. Lumo.

Concerning the title, these were actually the words of the Nokia's CEO: we have the first real Windows Phone. By those words, Nokia was eager to show that it's not just a puppet of Microsoft: it doesn't hesitate from attacking other partners of Microsoft such as HTC and Samsung. However, shockingly enough, Microsoft has confirmed that Nokia Lumia is indeed the first real Windows Phone so the proof of independence collapsed. :-)

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