Monday, October 31, 2011

Palestine accepted to UNESCO

Palestine just became a member of the UNESCO, the educational, scientific, and cultural (ESC) branch of the United Nations. The children have prepared a song for their colleagues in the organization, to show how nicely they are being educated in Palestine:

I have included this song because it has some catchy music but the content is just horrific. While Israel has become a semi-member of CERN (likely to be a full member soon) and is contributing in numerous ways, the Palestinians are optimizing the ways to radicalize and sacrifice their children for the cult of terror.

UNESCO has shown that it has no quality standards whatsoever because the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority as we know it may only make one type of contribution to education, science, and culture these days: a negative one.

Many media outlets including Bloomberg have described the vote as a "landslide vote": 107 votes in favor, 52 abstentions, and 14 votes against. The numbers could perhaps be interpreted in this way but if you realize who the votes "against" have been, you will see that a majority of the educated, scientific, and cultural world has been against Palestine's membership. The United Nations are organized in such a way that this subtle fact cannot matter.

The countries opposing the membership included: the United States, Canada, Israel, Germany, Czechia, Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and 7 others. That's all of North America, the whole continent of Australia, the main country that will be affected by the decision, Europe's main economic power, the leading country of post-socialist extra-Soviet Europe, and many more. And I don't even mention 52 other countries that abstained. The fact that these non-positive votes don't prevent the U.N. from organizing a "landslide vote" in favor of the membership says a lot about the structure of power within the United Nations.

Prague tried to reduce the disunity within the EU and vigorously pushed a plan that would convince all EU member countries to abstain but the plan has failed. So this vote is also another example showing that the word "union" in the European Union is a kind of a misnomer. The Europeans can't agree about much, usually not even about the fact that they disagree about a question.

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