Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sponsors of Current TV pay $200 per viewer

Olbermann and Gore are symbols of a complete failure in the market combined with dirty sources of money linked to corruption and government regulation and subsidies

BNET makes a very interesting point about the economy of America's most unsuccessful TV network, Al Gore's "Current TV".

The obnoxious owner of the network has hired one of the most unpleasant people who have ever appeared on TV. This jerk's name is Keith Olbermann. It's clear that if the society were not distorted in various pathological ways and if this man were earning his money by educating, informing, or entertaining the viewers, he would be abruptly begging for pennies under the bridge; I am sure that even most left-wing viewers must be allergic to this not-so-gentle-man. However, the scumbag who controls "Current TV" hired Keith Olberman and pays him a modest compensation of $10 million per year.

That's not bad because the number of viewers of Keith Olbermann's show was recently below 50,000 people; compare with nearly 3 million viewers of Bill O'Reilly whose salary is not that much different. Simple maths suggests that the average viewer of Olbermann's show must contribute about $200 to Al Gore's network. More precisely, some sponsors who pay for this business must be so enthusiastic about the particular losers who watch this particular channel that they want to pay this money. Who those people may be? Is "Current TV" used in some scheme to force the U.S. government to pay billions in subsidies for ludicrous sources of energy?

By the way, it may be calculated that by this blog entry, I will increase the number of viewers of Keith Olbermann's show roughly by ten percent. Where is my $1 million, Al baby? ;-)

Chris Mooney gives Gavin Schmidt $25,000 from stolen taxpayers' money

I find it very likely that some money stolen from the taxpayers have to be circulating through these would-be private corporations. Andrew Revkin just celebrates that a despicable crank named Gavin Schmidt received a "well-deserved" $25,000 for his "technical" posts at RealClimate.ORG. An interesting aspect of this breathtaking comment is that there are no texts like that on RealClimate.ORG. The whole server is filled with pseudoscientific gibberish, hyping and misinterpretations of irrelevant details, and attacks against genuine scientists who actually study the climate. Your comment is pathetic and you should be deeply ashamed, Andrew, and the only thing that Mr Gavin Schmidt deserves is a proper thrashing followed by a life in prison.

Needless to say, the American Geophysical Union donated the money to Gavin Schmidt for "climate communication" for the first time but it surely wants to continue to corrupt science communication in this way. Who is personally responsible for this outrageous crime? Well, it must be a director of AGU who is specializing in science communication, right? Who is that? It is Chris Mooney, a far left-wing ideologue who has only studied English. This is really over the edge. I agree with Hillary Clinton that I want to see these guys captured in the prison or dead.

Some extraterrestrial amusement

I am of course getting lots of climate-related e-mail. However, a group of recipients including your humble correspondent, Lindzen, Spencer, Morano, Goddard, and others could just enjoy the following e-mail from Watchdog Maine:
Subject: Re: It's worse than we predicted! There is debate -- worse and worser! Evidence builds that scientists underplay climate impacts - The Daily Climate

It is with great discomfort that we must now begin the departure from Mother Earth. As the climate has become increasingly less stable after years of unrestrained warming from pollution caused by wealthy corporations, only the worst is left as evidence of humankind's self deterioration.

Like Noah, time is come to build a human ark to venture to another home. We are at the mercy as usual of the great bureaucracy. Knowing of the drastic future that lies ahead for the human race, they have blocked escape by abandoning the only vehicle that Earth has for departing to healthier planets in the cosmos, the Space Shuttle.

We are now confined to endure our last days in the sweltering, polluted and putrid air around us. We will be forced to turn over all our earthly goods in hopes of securing a place, just one seat, on a yet to be built starship destined for a yet unidentified new world. Time for prayer has come and gone. Hope is replaced by fear. We leave this tortured World of ours to another species and another time.

May Gaia be nourished with our meager remains.

The Human Species
We could help them with the departure from Mother Earth. The price per pound to reach the orbit is at most $4000; 2,500 of the world's best scientists in the IPCC may weigh about 250,000 pounds which costs just $1 billion to be shot into space. Compare with the trillions to be wasted if Mr The Human Species didn't have the ingenious idea to leave Mother Earth.

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