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Australian senate approves carbon tax

The last hurdle has fallen and the smallest continent is on its way to implement – and gradually increase – the masochist carbon [dioxide] tax. (The environmentalists understand neither the difference between carbon and carbon dioxide nor anything else that matters in these matters.)

Senate votes to pass carbon tax by 36 votes to 32
As I previously discussed, I don't think that the modest price of $23 per ton of CO2 is enough to visibly hurt the Australian economy; it will subtract less than 1% from the country's growth rate (but every year) and delay the curve of the CO2 emissions – which will continue to grow – by half a year or so.

It's very hard to find a true sentence in the Australian government's pro-carbon-tax ads.

You obviously shouldn't expect any long-term impact on the production of CO2 and surely no impact on temperatures. Europe is running a similar scheme and a result is that the world CO2 emissions during the last year jumped by the greatest amount ever, while Europe had to pay for this stupidity by millions of jobs, anyway. The tax in the country of Oz will only be paid by 500 most productive Australian companies (which include both big companies and medium companies), to emphasize that this is not supposed to be a fair new tax but just another malicious left-wing harassment directed against the successful and useful ones, against those who make sure that Australia isn't a third-world country. Needless to say, everyone, and especially the vulnerable ones, will be a victim at the end.
Another topic: IAEA nuclear report on Iran here (PDF, abstract)
The main purpose of the bill is analogous to the purpose of the Kristallnacht which took place exactly 73 years ago: to increase the self-confidence and arrogance of those who hate the capitalist industrial civilization.

The supporters of the bill – Labor Party members and watermelons – only had 36 votes which was enough to beat 32 votes from all other parties that opposed the bill. According to the Herald Sun poll, 2/3 of the Australian public opposes the tax. The green nuts have already gloriously congratulated themselves. They have also received a happy mail from the Madoff of the carbon schemes, Mr Al Gore: "With this vote, the world has turned a pivotal corner in the collective effort to solve the climate crisis." Oh sure. The world will only turn the pitoval corner when your neck will be reshaped in the same way, Al.

Meanwhile, the Herald Sun also mentions what this exercise means in the real-world terms. Just the state of Victoria has written off 35,000 jobs. Sensible politicians point out that Julia Gillard has no mandate to introduce the tax: she promised that this tax wouldn't be introduced if she were allowed to enter politics. Polls indicate that the left-wing parties will be beaten during the next elections and the carbon [dioxide] farce will be abolished but the episode still shows the "tipping point" connected with the left-wing parties' having over 50 percent in a Parliament: an out-of-control, exponentially growing, self-feeding departure from freedom, democracy, and capitalism always has a nonzero probability to start.

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