Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CDF at Tevatron: 9-sigma excess of multimuon ghost events

The CDF Collaboration has presented many extraordinary claims during the recent year which seem probably incorrect today, not only because of the refutations by D0 (Z'-boson-like bump near 150 GeV, a huge top-antitop mass difference, and so on).

But we must give them another chance because their new result is said to be much more statistically significant than all the previous ones or, if it is wrong, it is shriller and even more embarrassing than the previous CDF claims. ;-)
An additional study of multi-muon events produced in \(p\)-\(\bar p\) collisions at \(\sqrt{s}=1.96\,{\rm TeV}\) (arXiv: hep-ex)
One reason I mention this result at all is that the general theme, multi-fermion events, seems to be compatible with some emerging hints from the CMS even though the CDF's claim sounds like a much stronger signal that could be inconsistent with the relative agreement with the Standard Model seen at the LHC. What is is about?

Well, they have measured the number of ghost events i.e. those in which muons seem to be born outside the beam pipe of radius 15 millimeters (e.g. because it came from a decay of a nearly invisible, unstable, but long-lived – nanoseconds – new particle). When they focused on events with three or more muons, especially those moving in pretty much the same direction, they found a large excess.

The paper explains their chosen cuts in detail. The main result is, however, that after the work is done, they find \( 12\,169\pm 1\,319 \) ghost events with at least three muons that can't be explained by anything they can possibly understand. The probability that the number defined by this mean value and error margin is zero is something like a 9-sigma event so it is impossible that it is a "fluctuation".

It must be due to a serious qualitative error of the people or the detector or it must be a sign of new physics that would be really thrilling and apparently "more easily accessible" than anything that the LHC seems to indicate. Note that the CDF excess is in multimuons that are almost collinear; the CMS excess is in multileptons that are not quite anti-collinear which has the same sign but it's not the same thing. ;-) Oops, error, forget my angular comments: it was CMS diphotons, not fermions, that had this excess for all-but-anti-collinear angles.

If you're drunk, you may also link the new CDF claim to the OPERA result and say that muons are nonlocal ghosts that always like to be born from 15 millimeter to 18 meters closer to Italy than the Standard Model predicts, so that they have an easier access to whatever ghosts like to consume in Italy. Some of these ghosts muons decay to neutrinos, too. The ghosts of the deceased muons are laughing how much faster the neutrino ashes of their bodies seem relatively to photons and how confused many physicists are about the OPERA result. ;-)

Now, stop drinking so much, please. :-)

Off-topic: US Davis petition

John Conway published a petition that the UC Davis physicists sent to the UC Davis boss, Ms Linda Katehi, a Greek-born electrical engineer. Of course, she's being asked to resign for having protected the law at her university. After all this celebration and irrational admiration of women in engineering and the superficial struggle for the respect to their opinions, it's still true that these left-wing professorial types immediately bite when the leader deviates from the Marxist orthodoxy.

I can only safely think about the psychological discomfort I would be facing when all colleagues at a similar university would be pressing on me to sign a similar petition. Many of them would be very well known to me, maybe even close. Of course, I know John Conway (from Rutgers), I know Nemanja Kaloper, I know the work by Andreas Albrecht, Steve Carlip and a few others. Thankfully, the undersigned are still very far from being the whole UC Physics faculty.

Linda Katehi has simply learned a lesson from the messy anarchy that was created in Manhattan and elsewhere because the law wasn't enforced abruptly after the communist activists began with modest but gradually increasing violations of the law. So she acted immediately, within a day, just like she should. You know, it's illegal to "occupy" UC Davis: you may chant your idiotic left-wing slogans but that doesn't give you the right to violate other laws and regulations. She has asked the communist students to tear down the tents on their university yard she is responsible for.

They failed to cooperate so they had to be removed by police force and by the most peaceful chemical weapons among those that could have been efficient. There wasn't any other solution – except for allowing this would-be communist revolution in preparation, anarchy, and mess grow ever more arrogant and disorderly, just like at many other places.

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