Saturday, November 12, 2011

Climate alarmism controls the third world

The poor countries obviously demand lower standards when it comes to the quality of products, the quality of the environment, and the quality of ideas they're ready to live with.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) supporters hold their party flags during a public rally in Kolkata. Photograph: Jayanta Shaw/Reuters.

So low-quality products may be exported to the third world rather easily. It's not that hard to get rid of junk. Some of the most toxic junk that the rich countries are producing is the pseudo-intellectual junk called climate alarmism. It's been said by AlertNet that climate alarmism rules in the third world:
Climate scepticism rare in developing nation media - study
While the media coverage in developed countries such as America, Britain, and Czechia (ABC) began to be somewhat respectful towards science, climate alarmism is an indisputed force in emerging countries such as China, India, and Brazil, an Oxford survey of the international press showed.

Well, the folks in Oxford were able to identify the ultimate reason: pretty much all parties and newspapers in those countries are left-wing! It's that simple. So it's not only the communist China where sensible political attitudes when it comes to freedom are de facto (if not de iure) politically incorrect. These are countries where you should probably be afraid to say on the street that the left-wing ideologies are pernicious.

I am not a coward but I am personally afraid of traveling to many countries. ;-)

Needless to say, the poor nations would be maximally affected by the ill-conceived policies that are being justified by the climate fearmongering. I know that many TRF readers don't care. If they want to destroy themselves, let us allow them to do so. Well, I disagree. I don't think it would be good if they damaged their growth in this way. One could easily experience the rise of quickly reproducing countries with billions of angry and hungry people who have been trained to hate the West. I prefer the idea of emerging countries that are converging to the Western standards.

I think that the primary reason why climate alarmism remains indisputed in these countries isn't just their inherent left-wing bias – sometimes encouraged by the often dishonest anti-colonial ideology. It's also corruption by powerful interests in the West. It seems to me that organized criminals such as Al Gore could have easily bought as many savages as they wanted – who may parrot any pseudoscientific superstitious garbage that Al Gore asks them to parrot. The economy of such corruption isn't quite obvious because the poor countries don't have too much money to waste in government subsidies (even though all of China and all of India are surely big enough for a few big fish such as Gore himself).

The ultimate goal of the nasty alarmist jerks in the West isn't to control the third world; they don't care about it a tiny bit. They want to control the rich world; they want to hijack the control over all the finances of the rich countries' governments. We should be thinking whether the good people of the world have to care about the pathological evolution in the media of emerging nations. To fix this evolution, one may unfortunately need lots of money.

A part of the global warming propaganda is that "the rich nations are the villains and the poor people are the victims" which is a part of the reason why the poorer countries "want" to believe this toxic garbage, even though it is able to poison them much more quickly than it may poison the more resilient rich nations. There may exist literal "dissidents" in some of these countries who are waiting for our helpful hands. Maybe we should look at these things.

Via Marc Morano

Brainwashing in Massachusetts

Since the pre-recession era in 2008, the average U.S. real income only dropped by 10 percent which isn't enough for America to change its "class" but Massachusetts has already managed to incorporate itself into the third world, anyway. At least in the climate respects, it has.

The students of Holyoke Peck School are learning about science in this way. They're ordered like a pile of dead protein into a shape resembling the number "350" and they have to scream that any air with more than 350 ppm of CO2 is unclean air. During the gym classes, they're learning how to climb into James Hansen's rectum, too.

Let me say that during communism, we've seen lots of propaganda at school but something that would be this striking was very rare. I wonder, who the parents of the kids are? Is that true that 100% of them are left-wing partisans or brainwashed imbeciles or cowards? Why hasn't anyone complained so that the principal and the teachers would be fired for converting their school into a hardcore ecofascist training camp? Massachusetts sucks, indeed.


  1. this is your most offensive post.good going

  2. Hello from Brazil,

    It's frustrating, but all you say is true. The reasons for this connection, however, we can only conjecture.

    Climate alarmism is the least of my worries though. There are so many things wrong and easily avoidable here, that are simply the results of bad reasoning. One can't help thinking third world has less to do with government and corruption and more with general ignorance.