Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recent setbacks of the AGW movement

Durban, South Africa will be hosting another annual two-week gathering of the global warming activists and lobbyists. The proceedings will begin tomorrow.

Fortunately, the nations of the world will only pay some extra vacations to these misguided or fraudulent redundant individuals but nothing that would lethally hurt the mankind should be expected from the gathering. As South African business newspapers say, the general expectation is that the meeting will bring no binding agreements: let's hope it's true, they add in an article titled "Climate change ushers in a new age of superstition".

Meanwhile, Canada – the most politically correct country in the Americas – will probably leave the Kyoto protocol next month.

Europe no longer wants to act unilaterally and because others don't want to act, it means that Europe may finally "stop acting" as well. However, that doesn't mean that people haven't paid for the climate hysteria dearly.

Swiss banking giant UBS has calculated the costs of the European emission ponzi scheme. It's being said that the European consumers have "only" paid $287 billion for the existence of the scheme; the impact of the scheme was zero. Well, more precisely, it was negative: in the most recent year, the annual production of the greenhouse gases has jumped by the greatest amount yet. (I don't even have to discuss that any drop, if real, would have no detectable impact on the climate, and even if the influence became slightly detectable sometimes in the future, the influence would be negative.) If you extended the fees from the European Union to the whole world economy, the mankind would have paid something over $2 trillion so far.

Those $287 billion is less than a third of a trillion of dollars so it hasn't killed the Old Continent so far. Still, for this money that's been completely wasted, one could pay most of the giant Greek debt. Alternatively, every single inhabitant of the EU (including babies) could have received an iPad or something along these lines. Imagine what you could do with this particular investment – or hundreds of others. Instead, we have failed to stop the global warming bigots and crooks so all we got are worthless carbon permits. The markets with them is expected to collapse and be phased out in 2012. Let's hope that we will be able to deal with the criminals who have co-created this outrageous wasteful framework to share the fate of their invention.

The Canadian has published a scientific prediction saying that two thirds of the world population will die within five weeks, before the new year. It's because the permafrost will thaw, everything will be swallowed by the ocean, and so on. Well, this stuff wasn't published in the dark ages when people were allowed to believe all kinds of religious idiocy; it was published in 2007 which most of us remember damn too well. Needless to say, not a single person has died because of similar "effects". Those people producing this garbage don't care because no one bothers to give this scum a proper thrashing.

Obama's administration won't give any money to a flagship "global climate fund", the Global Warming Policy Foundation informed. It's paradoxical that America needs the most left-wing president in its history to return to some common sense. It's ironic that the main ally that supports the U.S. position is Saudi Arabia.

The Chinese solar industry is dying, too. While some people could have thought that Solyndra died because of the cheap Chinese competition and all this stuff, a fact is that economically unfeasible things of this kind can't work in China, either. That's despite the religious worshiping of the top Chinese communist officials by the likes of James Hansen and Al Gore.

The Daily Mail remains the leading U.K. source that informs about the content of the Climategate 2011 e-mails. In this particular e-mail, corrupt relationships between the AGW would-be "scientific" bigots and some people in the BBC are being unmasked. The bigots even became the BBC's advisers on drama, music, economy, and game shows.

The Register and many others inform about a recent article on climate sensitivity that was mentioned on TRF, too. Suddenly, the warming crisis is less serious than previously thought. Only Jennifer Carpenter of BBC says:
The authors stress the results do not mean threat from human-induced climate change should be treated any less seriously, explained palaeoclimatologist Antoni Rosell-Mele...
Oh, really? So when the quantity that quantifies how serious the hypothetical CO2 problem is decreases by 30%, it doesn't mean that the severity has decreased, does it? I recommend Ms Carpenter to switch to carpentry because occupations that require a functional brain can't ever become her cup of tea.

Christopher Booker used the pages of the Telegraph yesterday to discuss whether the global warming scare is the greatest delusion of the human history. You may check the results and not only the results. The number of articles that argue that global warming is a lie has markedly increased in recent months.

Neither one of these results in science and policymaking nor the absence of a global warming trend in the last 10+ years is enough to prevent the AGW bigots from attributing any weather phenomenon including severe winters to the global warming. Rational reasoning has been banned in the hollow skulls of these individuals for many years.

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