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Referendum: Greece cannot be trusted

The Greek prime minister and the current top member of a notorious Greek socialist dynasty has shocked the rest of Europe – and the rest of the world – by plans to organize a referendum about the agreement from the Brussels (that he has already agreed with). The referendum should probably take place in January 2012.

The general atmosphere in Greece makes "No" very likely. If he gets a "No", Papandreou should be finished as a prime minister but he may still be loved in Greece. If he manages to get a "Yes" vote, he will be able to get rid of the responsibility for the austerity measures. It's not hard to see why he would want a referendum: after all, Greece is a democracy. The quality of the behavior of a democracy depends on the quality of the citizens: if the citizens belong to the garbage, so will the behavior of the whole country.

However, from the international perspective, his move is utterly unforgivable, disgusting, and borderline criminal. It is another proof that Greek representatives – or the public, for that matter – can't be trusted a single vowel.

Greece is scheduled to get something like $10 billion of aid in mid November. It's needed to avoid bankruptcy. As far as I understand, this package has been linked to the agreement in the Brussels. But this agreement was just violated by the Greek government. As far as I can say, the bailout plan for Greece should be cancelled immediately and Greece shouldn't get a single extra penny before its bankruptcy.

After all, even if you imagine that the troika will continue to throw the money out of the window in November 2011, even the next critical point when Greece runs out of money – in January 2012 – will be approximately at the same time as the referendum which is still very risky.

It's just crazy. The non-Greek European politicians should have learned that they're effectively dealing with a nation of thieves who will do (and who have done) any trick possible to steal the money from others. These politicians should have been ready for such "surprises" but they're apparently not. The self-confident folks in Greece are trash and they must be treated as trash.

Greece should be instantly expelled from the European Union and a new iron curtain should be built on the border between Europe and Greece, to protect Europe against the possible inflow of the immoral savages.

Greece should be left to bankruptcy now, in November, when it runs out of money again. The eurozone should use the money in the EFSF fund to bailout most of the banks with a significant Greek exposure and postpone the decision which of the banks will have to pay for the bailout into the future (this revision should be announced to the banks and their partners). The stability of the European – and global – economy should simply no longer be placed upon the parasitic and untrustworthy nation of the lying Greek socialist assholes.

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