Thursday, December 22, 2011

EU vs world: trade war over airline carbon tax

The European Union bureaucrats apparently think that they have the right to impose their insane social engineering policies on the rest of the world.

While Beyond Petroleum ("BP") plans to rename itself as Beyond Solar ("BS") because after 38 years, they are killing their BP Solar section which isn't viable (The Guardian, The American Interest) and exactly when Solar Millenium became the second German solar company filing for insolvency in December after Solon, the European bureaucrats continue in their mindless jihad against one of the pillars of the contemporary industrial civilization, the fossil fuels.

However, it seems that their plan to charge the airlines extra money for the "CO2 emissions" has collided with the feelings of dissatisfaction of 42 countries, especially three tiny disobedient nations.

These nations are called America, China, and India. ;-)

Starting from January 1st, 2012, which will arrive next Sunday, the EU wants to impose a new levy on all airlines for their flights to the EU. A fascinating detail of this new policy justified by the global warming pseudoscience is that the airlines have to pay for their whole journeys, including the part that isn't above the European Union, but all the money are going to the wallet of the European Union bureaucracy. Can you find a justification why the money isn't going, for example, to the nations where the airlines are registered? Or your humble correspondent's banking account? The EU folks behave like pirates.

Does India, a country of 1.2 billion people, like the proposal? Are they happily celebrating the wise Gore-Hansen-like behavior of the lunatics in the EU organs? Well, it doesn't seem to be the case. The Indian government has ordered all Indian airlines to crisply tell the European bureaucrats "screw you, we won't show you any CO2 data, as*holes."

India rightfully emphasizes that the EU sc*mbags have no right to demand this data. The country considers itself the leader of approximately 20 countries in the world, including China and the U.S., that will fight against the insane planned regulation. Commie Hedegaard, a stupid b*tch who was given the right to direct this whole anti-carbon jihad on behalf of the European citizens even though the amount of political capital she has earned from the people in elections is zero, apparently prefers to launch the World War III over the admission that her skull is filled with pseudoscientific feces that should be splashed into a lavatory.

What about China, a country of 1.35 billion people? China has warned the EU of carbon tax "trade war" (Financial Times). Because of our obsessed irresponsible unelected continental politicians, we may very well see the disappearance of some crucial Chinese products or our ability to export things in China. This FT article also mentions that the European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the treatment of foreign airlines as slaves who have to pay for every kilometer to the EU wallets, even kilometers outside the EU, "doesn't infringe on the sovereignty of other nations." Well, if the sovereignty is defined in a similar way as it was during the Third Reich, it may not be "infringed upon". What I am also amazed is that a European court promotes itself to a source of intercontinental justice. Being just a European entity, it has no absolutely credentials to say whether the laws and human rights are violated at the international level.

China is still working on legal solutions to defeat the law but they agree that the arrogant proclamation by the European Court of Justice has complicated things so they're also preparing plans to nuke Europe and do many other things. In China, the government chose a different strategy than the Indian government and they largely expect the airlines to protect themselves.

What about America? According to the Financial Times, US threatens EU over green levy on airlines, too. Hillary Clinton wrote a highly diplomatic letter to her unelected European counterpart Catherine Ashton: "You f*cking b*tch, I will smash your f*cking mouth as soon as I return from Václav Havel's funeral on Friday, if not earlier." Hillary lists 42 nations in her coalition of the willing, including Japan, Russia, and Brazil, who are ready to act against the rogue "nation" that the EU has become.

Commie Hedegaard, the unelected EU minister for the anti-carbon jihad, wrote a letter to Hillary, too. "I am ready to sacrifice the lives of the European citizens in the fight against the infidels and the Great Satan in general." If it doesn't become possible to serious talk to the EU officials, America is ready: both Republicans and Democrats have already approved a measure that makes it illegal to comply with the European policy. If you're an airline's CEO and you will fail to say that "the requests by the Eurotrash are unacceptable," you will have to sit on an electric chair.

Under these circumstances, you should really think twice if you believe that you will be able to fly between Europe and America from January 2012. ;-) If no war erupts and the EU carbon fanatics win, each flight between Europe and America will be $120 more expensive for you. All the revenue will be used for paying global warming parasites.

These climate games are perhaps among the first examples showing how the disappearance of democracy from Europe starts to cripple our continent. In the U.S., politicians who would be willing to go this far – and risk a trade war (if not another war) with the rest of the world because of a completely deluded policy – would be shown the door. Barack Obama knows very well that he can't even say the word "climate", even though his crackpot advisers such as John Holdren would love if he said the word at least once a year, because such a word would guarantee his political death. But nothing like that exists in Europe. B*tches like Ashton and Hedegaard can't be removed by peaceful means. There are no elections waiting for them and waiting for us that could be used to remove this junk from the top of the European institutions.

Whenever such a situation – the lack of any institutionalized regulating mechanisms – occurs in a country, its fate depends on the wisdom of the "total" leaders. Unfortunately, our "ladies" don't have any. I am ashamed of this fanatical Eurotrash and I beg politicians in the rest of the world to appreciate that the Czech Republic really disagrees with all these insane policies. You may still continue to buy our products, make us stronger, and hope that we will be able to overtake the institutions at some point.

Links via Benny Peiser (see also

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