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Poland plans to ban German solar and wind energy imports

Der Spiegel DE (EN) brings us a story indicating, in the words of Mark Duchamp, that hubris has but one limit: reality.

Germany's Reichstag wants the Parliament of the N-th Reich, whatever the value of N is right now, to become the greenest Parliament building in the world. Click the image to see the 2008 celebration of this hubris by the self-described American website TreeHugger.COM.

Here's a translation based on Google's engine's services:

Poland threatens German energy policy

Border blockade against green electricity: Because the Polish network operator fears an overload, it wants to prevent the import of wind and solar power from Germany. The head of the German Energy Agency is now using the pages of Spiegel to urge negotiations with the neighboring country.

Hamburg – On the way to its new energy policy, Germany has to overcome many hurdles. One of them may soon emerge on the German-Polish border: Poland plans to increase the regulation of green electricity from Germany. The plans have alarmed, according to a report obtained by Der Spiegel, the German energy experts. "When excess wind and solar power can not be discharged abroad, then the German power grid gets destabilized," warns the head of the German Energy Agency (Dena), Mr Stephan Kohler.

The background is that the Polish network operator PSE Operator is planning to add switches on the border. Their task would be meant to prevent the Federal Republic of Germany from exporting excess eco-electricity. Whenever this occurs, the operators of the Polish coal power plants must suddenly shut down the plants to avoid an overload. People in Warsaw are worried that the active high-power stations are not ready for such shutdowns and that an unexpected surplus of energy could even lead to a blackout.

Therefore, in the future, the so-called phase shift will interrupt the current flow between the two countries. Surplus energy would then be distributed in the German network, which would increase the risk of blackouts on the German side of the border.

Dena's Head Mr Kohler is now demanding an accelerated expansion of the power lines from eastern to southern Germany. "The federal government also needs to quickly get in touch with Poland and other neighboring countries and to negotiate about the European energy policy," said Kohler.

Via Mark Duchamp

Let me add that Czechia's grid is apparently more stable and more flexible and we're one of the countries – together with France, Switzerland, and others – that keep on helping Germany to sustain its wild energy experiments.

However, it's clear that one should re-assess the price of the excess electricity. Electricity that comes at an unexpected time, in an unexpected amount, simply cannot be considered "equally valuable" to proper reliable electricity whose output is predictable.

All – including the previously unaccounted for – expenses paid for the storage and switching of the plants and other key nodes have to be carefully quantified (together with some sensible profit margin) and the German green electricity has to be bought for the correspondingly lower price to make sure that we're not paying for the stupid German decisions and for their hubris and their apparently non-decreasing need to feel superior.

Some extra news that might indicate something about the today's direction of motion of the warming bandwagon. Richard Black of BBC has finally expressed some doubts about the climate models. (Via Willie.) The GOP's left-wing candidate Jon Huntsman has finally turned his coat as well and is now questioning the need to "act", reducing the number of pro-AGW-panic GOP candidates to zero. (Newt Gingrich has recently labeled his fun with Nancy Pelosi's on Al Gore's couch to be the greatest blunder of his recent years.) But these opinions are so still so "extreme" according to some people in the Academia that if I hold them, they have to be used by string theorists to disassociate themselves from your humble correspond in popular papers about string theory.

Climate skeptics have parachuted down to the Durban climate conference. In similar PR events organized by the alarmists, they have to hire actors. But in this case, it was directly Marc Morano, Lord Monckton, and Craig Rucker who skydived to highlight the Climategate 2011 scandal.

SPPI blog reveals that the female Latin American boss of the UNFCCC climate body is proud to be among those few thousands of Mujahideen who have been personally trained by Al Gore to parrot A Convenient Untruth in his personal eco-terrorist training camps. With such an education in your CV, it's not surprising that she wanted a new Kyoto-like treaty to be born.

Willie Soon has pointed out that Michael Mann not only doesn't find it appropriate to hide in his Saddam hole. After Climategate 2011, he still has the chutzpah to show up in the public and give a "TED" talk. It's the same sequence of pseudoscience and insults against genuine climate scientists and honest people in general. You may vote on the video.

Mann also published an aggressive article in The Wall Street Journal. The good news is that almost all of the 213+ commenters seem to agree that he is a crook.

Michael Mann's comrade Grant Tamino Foster released a press release claiming that global warming hasn't slowed down. That's remarkable that it managed not to slow down if it hasn't existed for 15 years at all. I guess that 2+2=-5 is a basic tool used in his "paper".

The Big Bang Theory is a TV priority for me. So I watched the Czech dubbing of the episode where Sheldon's virtual wealth is stolen and Penny finally kicks Michael Moore (the thief) to his f*cking balls to regain the wealth. One of the episodes that make me really love Penny. ;-) Soccer was therefore a lower priority.

In the UEFA Champions League, my hometown of Pilsen – the Czech champion – was the by far least experienced participant out of all the teams. After all, Pilsen became the Czech champion for the first time, right when it celebrated the 100th birthday of the team. Moreover, we received Barcelona, the best team in the world, AC Milan, and BATE Borisov (Belarus) as the foes in the group H. But at the end, the group was very balanced and we had a chance to appear between the 2 best teams. We would indeed join Barcelona in the final stages of the Champions League if our 2 ties were victories, aside from our one actual victory against BATE.

Before the final match tonight, we were already basically guaranteed to end up above Borisov, a more experienced team, because we defeated them etc. The only miracle that could save them was their victory in Barcelona, a very unlikely event, combined with our strict loss (not guaranteed). Finally, none of the conditions was satisfied: Borisov lost 4-to-0 in Barcelona – less dramatic a loss than their 0-to-5 loss at home in Belarus. What happened in Prague where we had to play because of the expansion of our stadium was much more remarkable. I have only watched less than 10 minutes of the game but I have seen all four goals. That's what I call a good timing.

In the 89th minute, we were losing 0-to-2 because of two extremely cheap goals that Milan scored within 3 minutes at the beginning of the 2nd period. 0-to-2 a minute before the end seems hopeless. To make the description of the miracle brief, we tied to 2-to-2 by two beautiful goals in the last minute (plus 3 bonus minutes). With the table saying 16-9-5-2 points for Barcelona-Milan-Pilsen-Borissov, Pilsen is playing the Europa League, the cheaper sister of the Champions League, in the spring. Lukashenko's athletes have completed their European journey.

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