Saturday, December 03, 2011

Printing TRF

Some TRF readers incorrectly dislike the gadgets in the sidebar and the colorful non-minimalistic design of this blog. They're wrong but if they reduced their criticism to the printed version of TRF, they might be right. What to do if you want to print a TRF blog entry?

I accidentally found out that if you just use your browser to print a page on this blog, it automatically ignores the sidebar and only prints the body of the document. That was a fascinating insight: it's not clear to me when this clever behavior started. In the past, I probably added some HTML/CSS code that achieves that. Minutes ago, I changed the default color of the normal text for printing purposes to "black" instead of a lighter color that was active just an hour ago.

But what's even more remarkable is the \(\LaTeX\) mathematics provided by Mathjax is printed correctly, including the maximum resolution that your printer may manage (it's due to the "web fonts" which preserve the maximum resolution, unlike the "image fonts" that are only used in emergency situations and replace the mathematical characters by fixed-resolution pixelated images).

To see how this blog prints to PDF, see
these two demo PDF files.
Almost like full-fledged \(\LaTeX\) papers.

At least in Chrome, I have noticed a curious bug. If I play with the printing, the "web fonts" mathematics sometimes does get replaced by the "image fonts" which have wrong background color, wrong color, and wrong styling (borders around each letter) which makes the maths largely unreadable. The problem gets fixed if you restart your PC. It is probably a Chrome bug related to the usage of web fonts.

A disadvantage of the paper is that if you try to click at a video embedded into the paper, it usually doesn't play. Similar, an ad doesn't pay. To fix both problems, you need to find a computer and play and pay (via PayPal).

By the way, Google Chrome became the second most widespread browser (26%) after MSIE, sending Firefox down to the bronze spot. It's been my default browser since the times long before it became version 1.0. ;-) Among TRF readers, Chrome is also 2nd (23%) but after Firefox (37%); MSIE with 19% is third and also on par with Safari (18%).

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