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Stefan Rahmstorf convicted as a liar

Major co-perpetrator of RealClimate.ORG and 2 °C limits found guilty

Stefan Rahmstorf offers a visual proof that the rising sea level will kill all of us; he is a prolific author of papers claiming that the sea level will jump by several meters if not kilometers per century.

Tobias Sander has pointed out the following interesting story in Spiegel:
Scandal surrounds German climate government adviser (original in German)

Court's verdict (Hans von Storch's website)

Report on NoTricksZone (Pierre Gosselin in English)
I implicitly asked Pierre Gosselin to exploit his comparative advantage (German) and tell us some more accurate details beyond what we can see with the help of Google Translate. He kindly did; see the last source above. Here is what they say:

Ms Irene Meichsner, a successful German self-employed journalist, was covering one of the IPCC's bogus claims – particularly some big-mouth proclamations about the looming droughts in North Africa.

This award-winning journalist analyzed the sources referred to in the IPCC report and found that they were not really scientific sources, and so on. CO2-induced shortages of water in North Africa are very far from being the only intentionally misleading claim by the IPCC – pretty much all the claims by the IPCC are dishonest – so I don't have to explain you what she found after some investigative journalism.

This information about the fraudulent, unscientific character of the IPCC was found inconvenient by Stefan Rahmstorf who attacked her on his website, accused her of not knowing the topic she writes about. He even accused her of plagiarism. She took it to the court and she won: the judges agreed that Rahmstorf's texts that they were asked to evaluate were borderline libelous lies.

Mr Rahmstorf is a key global warming jihadist in Germany. As a government adviser and an employee of Mr Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, he's responsible for a big part of the arbitrary nonsensical proclamations by Ms Merkel – such as the medieval meme that "we must struggle to avoid warming by 2.00 °C". He's also one of the major villains behind the propagandist blog called RealClimate.ORG.

Unlike his comrade Mann, Rahmstorf can't feel vindicated by any whitewash; at least, his head is less likely to explode.

Ms Meichsner's text originally appeared in Frankfurter Rundschau (FR). It was enough for Mr Rahmstorf to scream a little bit and FR immediately turned against its collaborator, Ms Meichsner. (That was before she won the lawsuit, of course.) The ease with which politically distorted researchers such as Mr Rahmstorf are able to manipulate with the German media is kind of scary. Pierre mentions that FR was one of the most favorite West German sources from the viewpoint of the East German communist regime.

Even though the court has ordered Mr Rahmstorf to avoid the publication of additional lies about this topic in the future, Mr Rahmstorf and his boss immediately violated the decision and used their website – a website openly tolerated by the German government – to humiliate the decision of the court. It hasn't been publicly announced whether and/or when Mr Rahmstorf would be sent to Dachau.

See also WPK quarterly if you speak German (via Steffen H.).

Bonus: A trailer for a new movie, Climategate 2.0: The Cause, by Minnesotans for Global Warming. The text is taken from genuine IPCC members' e-mails collected in the Climategate 2011 dataset.

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