Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Al Gore: realitree, reality drops, climate reality patrol

"Gaming for good"

Al Gore may have become irrelevant but he hasn't officially surrendered in his holy war against the fossil fuels and he still has lots and lots of money.

Gaming For Good from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.

If you can't play the video above, click at the link under "Gaming For Good".

In the rant above, he repeated some of the usual talking points about the ManBearPig that you have heard 500 times even if you tried to do your best to avoid them. However, there are also some new concepts that Al Gore and the people who pay him will waste their (taxpayers') money for, after their failed 24 hours of virtual climate reality.

Al Gore and Daniel Stark of Stark Design have introduced REALiTREE, a tree that will resemble the real climate and that a group of humans will be able to control – much like, in the opinion of Al Gore and other lunatics, they are controlling the climate.

So it will be like a Tamagotchi: your task will be to make it happy. The only "small" difference is that this Tamagotchi will be affected by lots of other people so you will have virtually no control over it. I am no computer games expert but even I can tell you that this is not exactly a way to beat the Angry Birds, Gentlemen! :-)

Incidentally, politically correct city halls will be demanded to build a real realitree whose shape will have to match the current shape of the virtual realitree at every moment. Very convincing! ;-) One should remember that one of the key properties of realitrees will be that they will not be real trees: they will be pure imaginary, because of the factor of \(i\) in the middle. (Wolfgang Pauli has called Wolfgang Paul "my real part", too.)

Together with Meghan Siegel, Al Gore introduced Reality Drops, another website that will parrot climate alarmists' delusions. Another copied-and-pasted website, that's surely what you need. That's guaranteed to be a game-changer! ;-) It should organize deniers and contrarians to a 7-dimensional space according to adrenaline level, impact, level of threat for Al Gore, and a few more parameters, and produce the optimum John Cook talking point to destroy the deniers.

Rodd Chant of Parlor described Climate Reality Patrol. I don't quite understand this "game" but it seems that the players will be able to control a climate gestapo policemen who will separate fact from fiction by looking at Twitter and other places. Much like in the case of REALiTREE, someone in the real world will imitate the motion of the virtual gestapo cops and go after the deniers' neck.

Sven Larsen of Zemoga will spread the "truth" about the climate in Climate Trail, a game that steals all the good ideas from the ancient video game called Oregon Trail.

As you can see, whole corporation of corrupt IT pimps – entire programmable brothels – have been hired as little screws in Al Gore's continuing yet futile attempts to create fog and/or to return the mankind somewhere to 2006 when the people's stupidity and gullibility concerning the climate alarmist peaked. What Al Gore doesn't realize is that the mankind has moved on exactly because it has learned something i didn't know before; naive hysterical screams about the civilization at [AGW] risk are no longer enough to influence most of the people who matter because they have already understood that the climate panic is silly. The right way to proceed is for Al Gore to learn these elementary things as well; it is not really possible to make everyone else "unlearn" what they have already understood.

And that's the memo.

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