Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Canada, Greece, Iran, Germany

Various things are happening in the world.

Canada declares war on James Hansen and other green radicals

Reuters writes about the Canadian government's decision to blast insane critics of the Alberta tar sands pipeline. The Natural Resource minister accused the local green lunatics of links with convicted foreign criminals such as James Hansen who are richly funded by the organized crime groups. They oppose the Canadian economic interests, the increased independence of North America on the Middle East, and the efficiency with which the new oil will be transferred.

The activists have claimed that they don't try to attack Canada: they just try to uproot oil companies and their consumers, also known as the human beings.

Paedophiles get Greek salary for free

The Greek economy is in a nearly perfect shape so their unbelievably responsible government passed new laws that flood three new groups of people in welfare payments: paedophiles, exhibitionists, and kleptomaniacs.

The people with the former alternative sexual orientation will be getting salaries for free which will be higher than the money for the people who have undergone organ transplants. Because of the inclusion of the last two categories, the disability payments will also go to all politicians and member of the labor unions. If you want to guarantee a satisfied life without work for you, become a paedophile and move to the economically strongest EU country, Greece.

More seriously, I really can't find words to describe those things seriously. The international European community should do everything it can to euthanize the Greek government as soon as possible and not allow another one at least until the end of the 21st century. The governor of the Czech National Bank has urged everyone to remove Greece from the eurozone, too.

War in Iran more likely than it has been for decades

Aside from a hysterical wave of anti-Western and anti-Israeli rhetoric, Iran has started its new underground nuclear enrichment facility near Qom, something I warned against half a year ago. The International Nuclear Agency has confirmed that the activity has begun on the new, heavily fortified spot.

They are bringing uranium up to 20% enrichment levels (20% of the fissile U-235 and 80% of U-238). Any enrichment level above 6% may have a finite critical mass. The critical mass for 20% enriched uranium is about 400 kilograms, if I remember well. So a nuclear bomb is more awkward than one with a 90% enriched uranium but be sure it is very possible.

The Iranian currency, a toman (=10 rials), dropped to 18,000 rials per dollar, down from 10,000 rials per dollar in the last month. So at least some effect of the sanctions may be visible. In my opinion, their currency should be completely liquidated – tons of counterfeited banknotes should be poured upon the land of Persia. By the way, if you want to know which European nation is trying to delay sanctions against Iran as much as possible, then yes, the country is called Greece which wants to get great stuff for "borrowed" (stolen) money from everyone.

Iran has warned to close Strait of Hormuz if there are effective sanctions against the rogue state; the U.S. agreed it was possible but the siege would soon be lifted because such a siege, affecting 1/5 of oil that is moved to the consumers in the world, crosses another red line.

Some of it is just rhetoric – there will be elections in Iran in March and the U.S. expects its own elections as well – but it may lead to some actual confrontation and maybe it should. DebkaFile claims that in 2012, Iran is preparing a one-kiloton underground nuclear test similar to a 2006 test by North Korea.

German "renewable" energy tests the Czech grid

Huge amounts of German "renewable" energy are flowing through Czechia which has so far avoided blackouts but it wasn't far from them. The stopping of 8 nuclear power plants in South Germany caused problems on the downside; extra wind between November 25th and December 16th caused trouble on the upside. The Czech grid company wants to introduce some transformers at the border that would block the incoming energy when necessary (I don't quite understand the physics behind this statement).

This solution that also costs some money is opposed by the prime minister Petr Nečas who prefers to invest to the grid. I tend to agree with Nečas.


  1. PLS dont be so bad. Dont believe lies.
    The Greeks need help.
    We are humans.

  2. The Greek government confirms that the three groups were added to the disability list. But it claims now that they won't get cash.

    I disagree that a whole nation (which is, by definition, composed of "humans") may need "help".

  3. Hi Lubos, regarding transformers. With apprpriate tapchangers and vector groups, they can be controlled to manage both voltage magnitude and phase angle. By this means they are able to control the magnitude and direction of both reactive and real power flow. Cheers, Robin Pittwood

  4. Lubos (sorry I don't know how to add that squiggly thing at the end of your name), I for one am determined to challenge the "fereners" from highjacking my country's wealth and prosperity. Like my grandfather at Vimy and Passchendaele, it's time to fix bayonets.

  5. Lubos (sorry I don't know how to add that squiggly thing at the end of your name), I for one am determined to challenge the "fereners" from highjacking my country's wealth and prosperity. Like my grandfather at Vimy and Passchendaele, it's time to fix bayonets.