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DHCP and SENS service hang, timeout

Problem that has occurred to me, too

Your computer may get restarted once, after you wake it up from hibernation. At any rate, next time, once you choose your user name to log in, you are waiting for long minutes before you can see your desktop. You're told that some Windows services failed to start.

In the problems waiting to be reported, you find new messages on DHCP and SENS. DHCP is a system to start the Internet and assign IP addresses; SENS is "Systems Event Notification Service". At any rate, because DHCP failed to start (and in services.msc, it shows "starting" all the time), you figure out that this is the reason why the Internet isn't working for you.

All related services and programs that depend on the Internet fail, too. You are planning to reinstall your computer, throw it into trash bin, make a terrorist attack against the mall where you bought it, and declare a nuclear war to 27 countries that may have cooperated with the computer's producer or with Microsoft. But is it the simplest solution to the problem?

Another solution

Patiently get to Windows again, click at the "Start" button, go to "Programs", then "Accessories", then choose the black icon of "Command prompt", right-click it, choose "Run as administrator", and in the DOS window, type

netsh winsock reset
Press "enter". Then write exit and press "enter" again. Reboot the computer. Everything should be fixed.


I have surely accused hackers' attacks, AVIRA antivirus' malfunctioning, and various other factors but at the end, I still don't know what caused the problem that made it necessary to restart the network services by the command above. Do you have something to say about it?

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