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Ice: TV series (2011)

TV Nova, the largest Czech commercial TV, just aired the first of the two episodes of Ice, a 2011 U.K.-Kiwi TV series. After some time, I watched a hardcore climate alarmist movie (in the Czech dubbing).

Let me admit that when a movie is done convincingly enough, even when it's relatively cheap and superficial such as this one, your humble correspondent passionately supports the alarmist heroes and roots for the end of the villains. ;-)

How do you respond to the heroes and villains in alarmist movies where everything is upside down, my fellow deniers? :-)

Spoilers are found below

It's the year 2020 and Southern Europe has been crippled by a huge wave of global warming for several years. Everyone uses video calls on their mobile phones. Northern Europe including England has established tough anti-immigration laws to fight against the annoying people from the South. Meanwhile, people also live in an energy crisis. A company named Halo is going to save the mankind: they drill oil in the Greenland.

However, a Hansen-like hysterical (but in the movie, rightfully so) scientist and activist Thom Archer figures out that the drilling is going to stop the Gulf Stream because it will expose some warm hydrothermal springs beneath the Greenland which will melt the Greenland's ice, reduce the salinity of the Atlantic Ocean, and everything will stop because of mechanisms that don't have to be explained because you may find a similar pyramid of crackpottery in James Hansen's actual papers, too.

Archer finds some circumstantial evidence that Halo is bringing the world closer to an ice age. During some negotiations about the future of the evil corporation, Halo's top lawyer Sarah Feech successfully humiliates him so no one takes him seriously. So he resigns. We learn that his daughter is fed up by her life as a top climate alarmist's daughter.

However, his wife convinces Thom Archer to struggle for the world. Archer flies to the Greenland where he finds out that his friend and fellow alarmist Ben Johnson was probably murdered when he found some evidence for organisms that thrive in warm water – a key part of the evidence that Halo's activity is extremely dangerous. So he's trying to get the samples as well. Meanwhile, the female lawyer realizes that her evil corporation is not honest with her so she becomes a hydrothermal alarmist, too.

(She has already been a climate alarmist much like everyone else in the movie, anyway.)

So Archer and the female lawyer (see the picture at the top) escape several assassination attempts organized by the CEO of Halo, billionaire Anthony Kavanagh, while in the ice: he has switched to open war against them by now.

The CEO flew to the Greenland in order to witness the unfortunate death of the lawyer and the scientist, surely another accident. At the end of the first episode, the two heroes – who are now friends – see the Halo 1 platform including the CEO how it sinks. Several top villains die which is great. All of them have been climate alarmists as well (they've been just hydrothermal catastrophe skeptics) so there's no reason for skeptical viewers not to celebrate the end of their life. ;-)

At the end of the first episode, we're told that several million squared kilometers of the Greenland ice melted during the incident – Archer and the babe escaped from the critical region whose size is several thousand kilometers with a scooter. Sea levels are going to rise by 7 meters and a horrifying new ice age is going to begin, thus bringing further complications to Archer's daughter's 16th birthday party.

I forgot to tell you that the daughter may have fell in love with a young illegal immigrant from former Italy who helped her grandfather to plant a garden full of palm trees and tropical fruits near London. Both young people are arrested because they don't have the proper immigration paperwork for the U.K. In the second episode, Archer's wife will face the racist anti-Italian U.K. police, ice age, freezing chill, ice, boiling water, and a murderer at the same moment.

All the paragraphs above must sound as some joke. But it is not a parody: this is the real content of the movie that is superficially totally serious and I am sure that under the influence of this kind of breathtaking propaganda, there are millions of people who are ready to listen to similar stories and theories seriously in the real world, too.

Shall I watch the second episode on Thursday? ;-)

The movie is entertaining and professionally done, I would say. Maybe it's not primarily the filmmakers' fault that this kind of stuff is being believed by the people as a reality, too. Maybe I shouldn't call it a piece of propaganda at all. It's just pure fiction and a pretty well done one, especially if you consider the low budget of the series...

Second episode

Of course, I didn't resist. The Greenland imploded, the Northern Hemisphere cooled by 40 degrees (which wouldn't happen even if the Gulf Stream stopped), 5-inch ice pellets were falling, 10 meters of ice covered England, the government immediately listened to Archer and ordered the evacuation of the U.K. But it soon gave up and flew to exotic destinations. Martial law was imposed on the former U.K. Thom and the babe took an aircraft from the Arctic to the frozen London to liberate Thom's family confined in the prison. ;-)

And I was able to enjoy the serious story – and I laughed, too. Because of the intrinsic stupidity and scientifically implausible themes included inside this story. Thom's father, the cheeky girl's grandfather, drilled a hole in the prison's roof in a kamikaze method – he exploded some gas with him. The daughter kid already loves her family and cries all the time.

Meanwhile, Thom and the babe are having a great time skiing (she was the pilot on the flight from the Arctic to London). She has never seen such a beautiful London. She likes it, despite her frostbitten fingers. I forgot to say that they had a nice fire out of a million of pounds in banknotes which they found in a truck, surrounding another frozen thief (who had a cigarette in his hand). ;-)

Now, the criminals who previously attacked the barracks returned and want to kill Thom and the lawyer. The criminal wants to steal GPS from Thom. He gets burned – he was not careful enough about gasoline from the trucks into which he was carelessly shooting. Holy cow, they still managed to shoot the lawyer, she died.

The partly happy end is then trivial. Thom's wife, daughter, and her illegal Southern boyfriend take a piece of bus and use it to slide from a frozen and cracking skyscraper. It is swallowed by the ice right behind their backs and Thom appears in front of their eyes, at the very same moment. All four people are kind of happily reunited, remember the grandfather who sacrificed himself (much like Thom himself, he hintetd), and they walk to the South.

Suddenly it gets sunny (meters of ice are still beneath them), they see birds, and the mankind gets another chance to co-exist with the Earth – while the viewer gets another chance to listen another minute of pathetic yet touching green propaganda.

Nicely done.

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