Thursday, January 19, 2012

Madrid IFT inaugural conference: slides & videos

Luis Ibáñez sent me links to an impressive high-energy physics conference that took place in Madrid's new theoretical physics building right before the Christmas:
IFT Inaugural Conference & Xmas Workshop (Madrid, December 13-16th, 2011, main web page)

Transparencies and videos
Among others, you may find talks by D. Gross, T. Veltman, S. Glashow, A. De Roeck from CMS (with the first Higgs results 3 days after CERN anouncement!), N. Arkani-Hamed, S. Dimopoulos, and others.

Veltman, Glashow, Gross in Madrid: how to hit three Nobel prize winners in one shot: click to zoom in. © El Pais

Three days earlier, they organized their Christmas workshop with many other prominent speakers (e.g. Dvali, Antoniadis, Lüst, Nilles, Rabinovici, Lipatov, Ross, Kallosh, and so on), see the web page.

The meeting was very exciting since in its first day the audience saw the CERN presentation live, and the Higgs results marked many of the presentations.

(If you can't play the MP4 videos e.g. in Chrome, right-click and copy the video URL and open it in Windows Media Player.)

The link with the transparencies and videos above captures talks by Gross, Glashow, Veltman, De Roeck, Arkani-Hamed, Dimopoulos, to mention some of the especially interesting ones. The questions asked after these talks were quite inspiring, see for example those after the talks by Gross (on landscape versus uniqueness) and De Roeck...

Hat tip to and summary by: Luis I.

L.M.: Luis forgot to boast that he and Angel Uranga are just publishing a new book focusing on string phenomenology so I added the link and I hope that some readers will instantly pre-order it. It will be out at the end of January.

Image of Madrid: © Michel Bricteux, winter 2011

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