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Thames & Kosmos: Global Warming

A wonderful gift I received from a famous Ivy League professor teaches the most curious kids and deniers about global warming.

So I have constructed my own Earth with the continents etc. and just like the real one, it can be embedded into a transparent greenhouse ball.

There are dozens of experiments in the package.

A rubber balloon, a very long thermometer (which I just used to check the temperature in various parts of my fridge), and a couple of straws, wooden sticks, paper boxes etc. are a part of the package. I may sometimes create short films showing what's happening inside these experiments. Smoky circulation will be once flying around the Earth and if I will ever become a very good student, I will be able to stop the Gulf Stream (just like in the real world), too.

My donor hopes that this will finally turn me into a warrior against global warming and let those who already are warriors hope that the TRF readers will follow. :-) It seems that the most prominent global warming theorists have learned from Thames & Kosmos, too.

It is really a wonderful toy. Don't get confused by the official YouTube video of the product embedded above which has collected 100 random visitors in those 2+ years and one reaction saying "go away with the propaganda s*it".

Bonus: ClimateGate hacker/whistleblower found

I'm FOIA! ;-) Hat tip: Willie

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