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America's 19 most charitable corporations

As a part of the "DenierGate", green activists at Think Progress have created a list of 19 most charitable corporations in America (using the Heartland Institute documents). These great companies have donated several pennies and – in some cases even several dollars – to the Heartland Institute.

A fraction of a penny if not whole pennies out of these amounts could have been used to support research and presentations by the folks who actually understand the climate. And that's the huge "DenierGate" scandal, the recipient of $60 billion in climate alarmist grants rightfully tell us.

TRF readers may choose to "fall in love" with some of the companies. The list is the following.

I will sort the companies ac!cording to their contribution:

  1. $502,000 Nucor Corporation, America's largest recycler
  2. $130,000 Pfizer
  3. $115,000 KCI
  4. $110,000 Reynolds American Inc.
  5. $100,000 AT&T
  6. $90,000 Altria Client Services
  7. $59,908 Microsoft Corporation
  8. $50,000 GlaxoSmithKline
  9. $35,000 Comcast Corporation
  10. $35,000 XL Group
  11. $30,000 General Motors Foundation
  12. $25,000 Amgen USA
  13. $25,000 Eli Lilly and Company
  14. $24,500 LKQ
  15. $20,000 Time Warner Cable
  16. $16,105 BB&T
  17. $10,000 Diageo
  18. $5,000 Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc.
  19. $5,000 PepsiCo Inc.
So much corruption over here. Imagine how many liters of Bud Light and Pepsi had to be produced to pay these horrendous amounts of money – $5,000 – that went to a think tank that dares to contain someone else than hardcore communists and that partly end up with the deniers. It had to be lots of liters.

It's also important that Microsoft paid much more than $59,900: they paid a whopping $59,908.

Those extra eight dollars have managed to skew the whole debate in favor of the deniers. Those eight dollars are the true reason why most Americans realize that Michael Mann and Al Gore are fraudsters, despite the investment of $60 billion addressed to those who skillfully pretend to realize that the Armageddon is behind the corner and it always will be.

The American nation has been bribed by those eight dollars to believe the deniers, Think Progress tells us. Cute. ;-)

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