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EU airline carbon tax: countries rally

EU bureaucrats who are totally detached from the reality have invented an insane carbon trading scheme, the ETS, and they attempted to incorporate the global airline industry into this scheme. Every flight arriving to a EU airport has to pay for CO2 emitted on every mile, whether or not it was above the EU territory.

It is not clear whether someone has already paid this ransom but it has been a law since January 2012.

The BBC reports that Russia wants to become a major player in the anti-EU-loons "coalition of the unwilling", as they cleverly call it. That's why representatives of Russia, America, China, India, and 22 other countries gathered in Moscow to discuss what to do with the European thugs.

I think that the coalition of the unwilling [to pay ransom] should behave a similar way as the most famous coalition of the willing behaved in Iraq. A goal was to get Saddam Hussein, alive or dead. In the same way, the coalition of the willing should try to acquire the fanatical stupid European climate bitches – e.g. Commie Hedegaard, the EU climate commissioner, and the other stupid bitch who is in charge of the market, and authoritatively show them in the court and in the jail that it is illegal for them to demand ransom. Yup, her name is Jill Hoggan, an atrociously stupid yet arrogant bitch.

I am ashamed for these as*holes who are allowed to operate on the European territory and as an entity representing 2 parts per billion of the European Union, I apologize to everyone else in the world for the extra hassle if not payments that they may face because we, the Europeans, haven't been able to get rid of the carbon alarmist parasitic scumbags without the help of foreign powers.

These unelected loons are ready to start a trade war with the rest of the world. For their psedoscientific delusions and unjustifiable hatred towards CO2, the gas we call life, they're ready to sacrifice your wealth, your freedom, your safety, and maybe even your life. They have to be stopped.

Meanwhile, Russia may prohibit airlines to participate in any carbon-trading to revenge for the EU airline ransom. A very sensible reaction but they should ban carbon trading in all sectors of their industry.

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