Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gell-Mann on LHC, supersymmetry and SUSY rumors

If you have 16 minutes, you may watch Murray Gell-Mann who was interviewed by CERN's Paola Catapano on January 23rd.

Click here if you see no video above.

Gell-Mann talks about the likelihood of the Higgs mechanism, importance of beauty in physics, the role of it in knowing that his and Feynman's V-A theory was right while 7 experimental papers are wrong, its role in arguing that supersymmetry should also be right.

The supersymmetry discussion begins around 4:00. If you want to be thrilled, don't overlook the following point: right before 7:00, he says that they may be seeing one or two such superparticles. But one should wait for serious announcements of results instead of building on rumors. Very true! ;-)

Still, this is quite a message for some "readers": I just wanted to include a simple proof that those who say that these were just my rumors and that TRF's news are doubtful are plain lunatics. I am not in such a bad company, am I? :-)

I suppose that Gell-Mann's "one or two" refers to "stop or stop and sbottom" and it could still be gluino-mediated production of stops and sbottoms that will be covered by the webcast ATLAS talk next Tuesday at 11:00 am Pilsner Winter Time. So stay as tuned as I will.

The interview was done by Paola Catapano who surely doesn't have to hide from the cameras but they decided Gell-Mann was more charming in this case and I must say he looks almost as fresh as he did during Sidneyfest 2005 when I talked to him.

After supersymmetry, he explains the goals of his/their interdisciplinary Santa Fe Institute.

RIP, Whitney Houston. An obviously premature departure.


  1. Well, the thing I like about Gell-Mann was indirectly atributed to him by Michael Crichton. (Google: "Gell-Mann Amnesia"). Quite insightful, IMHO.

    Also, yes, sorry to see Whitney Houston pass away. I realize the classical music snobs (many of whom are my friends -- you know who you are) will never give any popular artist credit, but Whitney Houston was blessed with one of the most outstanding and incredibly gorgeous voices in a long time. She had a chance at a very long career and it is too bad to see it cut short. Thoughts go out to her family and friends.

  2. Lubos, from the video, Dr Gell-Mann comes across as annoyed when questioned about working with Feynman--was there a fierce professional rivalry between the two?

    I find it odd that Gell-Mann is not as well-known as Richard Feynman, despite being an intellectual physics giant. Feynman always comes across as a deeply revered and respected figure--not the same level of affection for Gell-Mann. Wonder why?

  3. Dear plokos, they respected one another but yes, their rivarly has been strong and legendary.

    Of course, Feynman was more of a womanizer etc. which wasn't the only reason why he's been a bit more famous outside the true expert community.

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