Friday, February 03, 2012

Gore's Antarctic friend needs your help with his tomb

There are 116 people participating in Al Gore's expedition to Antarctica (whose goal is to prove that the uninhabited continent has been transformed into another Sahara by the global warming), including this list collected by Eco Tretas (thanks!). One of them is Sam Pucci, a random youngster and a software engineer at Next Big Sound from Boulder, Colorado who has a Twitter account.

He has apparently never heard of the Gore effect. As recently as three days ago, he would tweet
If you have any doubts about global warming, don't. [URL]
The video above revolves around an old cigarette commercial. However, his mood changed 10 hours ago when he tweeted the following:
Someone please inscribe something decent on my tomb. [URL]
The link shows the following global warming scenery he is seeing:

Nice. The TRF community is very compassionate so I think we should help Sam to fulfill his wish.

Can you invent a decent slogan that could be inscribed on Sam Pucci's tomb? His Twitter account may serve as an inspiration. ;-)

By the way, even if he doesn't freeze, I think that his days are counted because Al Gore will have to sacrifice him and punish him for the blasphemous tweet – suggesting he is not sure whether global warming will melt all the ice in time – that managed to leak out of Antarctica. You've destroyed your life by a single tweet and single image, Sam. Al Gore will rightfully point out that your files have been used by the climate skeptics before he makes your life insufferable. ;-)

Well, if those kids disappeared, it would be a pity, especially for some of them.

The recent ship map indicates that they're still near the "peak" of the Antarctica Peninsula, not too far from Argentina and very close to the place where MS Lindblad Explorer sank in November 2007 (all people on board were saved). See also itineraries with recent locations, map links, and UTC date-and-time stamps.

The recent sea ice map makes it hard to determine what is the ice concentration in that location doing right now. Generally, the ice is seasonally melting these days, approaching a minimum sometime in March.

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  1. Is that picture off the bow of the ship a current picture from Gore's expedition? I'm surprised to see that much ice in the water -- certainly a lot more than when I was down there, even farther South.