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Greece's bankruptcy loses taboo status

In recent years, Greece has been a major source of negative energy in the world's markets. Greece became a textbook example of the pernicious influence of any left-wing ideology, a proof of an inevitable outcome of any policies that codify well-being as a human right and put it above the principles of market economy. For years, I've argued that the most acceptable solution was to actively help Greece to go bankrupt and to introduce austerity measures because they would become inevitable. They would simply run out of money.

I've argued that Greece is a very special case of a hardcore communist country whose spending has simply run out of any control, that the fiscal irresponsibility and parasitism has become the standard for pretty much the whole nation, that its public sector deserves to be liquidated and has to be eliminated off the Earth's surface, and that virtually no one else will suffer so no one else should be afraid of the looming bankruptcy too much.

Finally and gradually, the politicians and investors are starting to join me. Today, many stock markets crashed again – because of a Greek far-right communist's insane declaration to be discussed below – but I still feel that Europe has begun to act in a tougher, more self-confident and stringent way. Yesterday, it was the European side that demanded more to be done in Greece while the Greek unity government agreed with the conditions.

As you probably know, the explosion of a new hysteria that emerged today was caused by a loon named George Karatzaferis, a body builder, radio broadcaster, and owner of a modeling agency who demanded that the representative of the International Monetary Fund in Greece will be declared "persona non grata" by the rogue nation. No kidding. (Video of the press conference.) He has added an unbelievable anti-German rant, too. And many other incredible things. The Greek nation is so morally corrupt that I am sure that these attitudes will guarantee better results for him in any future elections.

Some of the Czech political parties suck but thank God I am not Greek. In Greece, all politicians – and most citizens – suck. The PASOK socialist party is the dominant subject responsible for the de facto infinite debt of the country. It has lots of openly communist competitors who also think it's OK to live beyond your means. Then you have the would-be conservative New Democracy which is pretty much just another socialist party with the same parasitic opinions.

Given some Western experience, you could think that all these big parties began to parrot the left-wing memes about a welfare state – a politically correct ideology, if you wish – because they're really left-wing. So you could try to find a "far-right" party in Greece. They must know that their way of life isn't sustainable, mustn't they? Hoping that you will find some sensible people in Greece after all, you could pick LAOS, the Popular Orthodox Rally led by the body builder (from 2000 or so when LAOS separated from New Democracy).

Holy crap, these guys may call themselves fascists but they're even worse communists than PASOK and its New Democracy twin combined. The body builder and his LAOS rejected the bailout conditions. Europe and the world is trying to offer Greece all kinds of unbelievable help to avoid bankruptcy that Greece is expecting in mid March and that would be totally unavoidable in any Universe that respects at least 10% of the laws of Nature.

The guy would have to be considered a savage even in Laos, maybe even more so than he is considered in LAOS. He said:
I explained to the other political leaders that I cannot vote for this loan agreement. We were robbed of our dignity, we were humiliated. I can't take this. I won't allow it.
Wrong. You were not robbed of anything. You were not robbed of your dignity. You sold your dignity for EUR 350 billion (and it has arguably never had this astronomical value) and you have eaten your dignity right afterwords. When someone borrows money, he is putting his credit and credibility at risk: that's why those things are known as the "credit score".

A person or a nation that borrows much more than he can possibly ever repay simply loses his or its dignity. For a while, your dignity lived in your stomach. Then it continued through your intestines. You must know where the dignity came afterwords and what color it took. But you surely don't have any significant dignity left and it's your fault. It's you who was living beyond your means. Indeed, the borrowing had two sides and you did find someone who gave you the loans. You may blame him even though he was just a random innocent economic subject who made the mistake to make a deal with you. But it's still a fact that it's not the creditor's job to take care of your dignity. It was purely your job and you have failed miserably. That's why you have become a modern equivalent of the slaves. A second-class nation. A banana republic. I think you should remember how the prosperous Greek city states treated the slaves. Now, you're in the position of the slaves.

All the Greek journalists are apparently upset that Germany wanted to install an EU commissioner for the Greek budgets. It's colonialism, blah blah, we hear. Feel free to call it this way. But what's more important is that it's right. The money may be eaten by the Greeks but they're mostly German and French etc. money, so of course that the Germans and the French should have a say about their flows. How it could be otherwise? You have sold your country so this implies that there have to be different mechanisms that decide what will happen on that territory, too. Analogously, when someone sells his stocks in a company, he can't control the company anymore.

The body builder offers us some insane nationalist rants, too:
The European Union is suffering under Germany. Germany decides for Europe because it has a fat wallet and with that fat wallet it rules over the lives of all the southern countries.

Decisions aren't taken in Brussels but from a tower in Berlin, from where Merkel cooperates with her satellite countries, Netherlands, Austria, Finland and, unfortunately, also Luxembourg.
Germany has a strong voice in Europe because it's the richest and largest European country. This fact is largely unavoidable regardless of any arrangements that the European nations adopt. But indeed, the fact that you have to dramatically change your way of living – either in an incremental way or by a shock therapy – is something that everyone knows in Germany as well as outside Germany.

But the second most amazing proclamation by the party leader is this paragraph proving how hardwired the culture of parasitism and socialist blackmailing has become in all the Greek parties:
Greece can't go bankrupt... If Greece falls, it will drag many countries with it, in the end even the whole of Europe... Ms. Merkel has a pair of fives and pretends she has four aces.
Greece can go bankrupt and if this body builder won't be stripped of all the remaining dignity that he may still enjoy in Greece so that it's guaranteed that he is a political dead body, Greece will go and has to go bankrupt because any agreement could otherwise be at risk that it will be reverted by this fascist communist scumbag. The bankruptcy will largely have a healthy impact on everyone else. Greece is in its own league of hopelessness and there's no reason why others should be afraid. For example, we don't depend on the Greek products: there aren't any. And when it comes to the Greek consumers, we may always send the products to Africa or elsewhere and just give them loans, too. One doesn't really need consumers who can't really pay for the goods. If we need consumers, it's only because the consumer pay us money. If they don't, we just don't need them. Is that really too hard a concept to understand?

Not only Greece may go bankrupt but many people including you, the body builder, may deserve to starve to death. What "catastrophe" will happen when that happens? I will personally buy some cheap vacations in the former Greece, whomever it will belong to, drink some cheap "Greek" beverage, and piss on the arrogant fascist's grave. Nothing wrong will happen. You're just parasites and much like with ticks, tapeworms, or any biological counterparts you may have, it doesn't hurt the host organism when he gets rid of the parasite. On the contrary, it's a relief to get rid of a tapeworm.

So go away, Greece. I am tired of listening of all these whining blackmailing lazy sh*tty as*holes we're told about almost every day. I already want them to permanently shut up (it has already been a wish of mine for years!) and I think that the "smooth way" has already been shown impossible. If your nation can't liberate itself from the parasitic labor unions who want 13rd and 14th salary even though you can't afford and you shouldn't be getting even 12th, 11th, and 10th salary, then everyone in your nation is a part of the problem and everyone has to be eliminated from the world economy in order to solve the problem.

Some people talk about the euro and its impact on Greece and so on but the main problem is the complete moral collapse of the nation. This is something they won't be able to fix by another currency. This is something that goes well beyond the EUR 350 billion debt. It's a lasting problem.

Finally, I almost forgot to quote the bombshell that the body builder offered:
If we want things to go forward, Poul Thomsen [IMF's top official in Greece] must be declared persona non grata for Greece.
Holy cow. The IMF is a top institution (one of the three) who actually wants to help you to maintain a financial continuity – avoid the bankruptcy in March. Of course that if you start to treat IMF's top officials as criminals, and maybe even when you just suggest that it could take place, they won't be helping you to run out of money. You will run out of money around March 20th. Millions of people will find themselves without salaries and pensions in the following weeks. This may continue. Indefinitely. Whatever.

You have lost all your dignity that could be meaningfully discuss as an asset. You should notice that you have. Everyone who is telling you that you have a dignity that you may use as a capital is lying to you. You don't have nothing like that left. What the troika is offering you to save – for other nations' money – isn't your dignity. One could say that it's your bare life.

You still have a choice. You may just choose to go bust. That's been the most logical outcome for everyone for years. Other nations are pouring billions into your sink and you're not even grateful. People are starting to understand that you're not even grateful. By pumping the money into the Greek black hole, the donors aren't helping anyone, surely not the friendship between the nations or happiness of the recipients (which why some of the idealist donors are giving). So you may choose not to cooperate with the IMF at all but then you're lying to your electorate if you suggest that your country won't go bust. Of course that it will.

The Greek police union is planning to issue arrest warrants for the troika. Does really someone want to be sending additional $100+ billion to these nasty and evil loons?

At the same moment, it's clear that the chaos after the bankruptcy will be amazing. Most of Greeks are literally addicted to huge amounts of money thrown to them for no reason by the government. They're upset even when the government wants to modestly lower the wages by 20 percent which is the ultimate minimum that may somewhat improve things. How will they react when many of them won't get any salary or pension? What the cops and politicians will do? The country may really cease to be a country and may become just a territory settled by wild and angry savages. It's their choice.

And I think that this lady is likely to realize that they don't really want her to help them and the German voters prefer savings and "isolationism" over expensive aid and interventions to Greece.

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